1 July 2015

What I learnt from 001: Janne Jul Jensen - UX in an Agile Process

Talk can be found:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdqtTlCi4cE

Janne Jul Jensen is  UX researcher and Senior Interaction Designer who talked about case study with developing mobile application for one of the Danish Bank. It is worth to watch as it gives many interesting information about incorporating UX into Scrum methodology and how to dealing various problems caused by NDA during UX design.

What I found most useful was:
  • UX should be visible part of SCRUM, so you need to include UX tasks in product backlog. Customer need to be aware of that part of process and be able to prioritise it. Why?  UX requires time and it costs money.It doesn't come for free. It is most important point from this talk for me as from my experience ... lack of this UX tasks cause many problems (no visibility to other teams and so on)
  • UX should be one sprint ahead development.
  • Product owner is response for prioritise UX.
  • It is important to have visibility between UX, graphic designer, developers so you can set your mind set that is important to work in  parallel otherwise,you will end up with ... waterfall model.
  • However ,it is important  to remember to not run iOS and Android developer in parallel to avoid duplication of the same mistakes. Development should starts from iOS and then Android . This is due fact that "Apple's censorship departament" need time to scan app before accept it.
  • Don't applied iOS 'specific' on Android

Another useful thing that I learnt was how to test when you are limited by NDA:

  •  Continuous test every sprint
  •  internal testers
  •  dedicated test time
  •  test cases
  •  automatic tests
  •  expert  evaluations

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