28 June 2015

Venkat Subramaniam - Why Scala? - A hillarious lecture about Scala

Scala language getting more and more popular these days. When I looked to this language in 2013, then my conclusion was that it is a great language to use for academic purpose but not for a serious production software for various  reasons.

I learnt a lot about functional programming. As Scala  mixes object-oriented and functional language concepts I could also understand difference between them. I used Scala in Play Framework and it was cool. 
I didn't use it until I went to  Meetup about "Supler: complex web forms, not so complex" with Adam Warski hosted by LJC (London Java Community). I as curious about Scala ,so I decided to do search about  and I came across talk by Venkat Subramaniam  titled  "Why Scala?", which you can watch here:

It is a hilarious , funny and interesting lecture about Scala and what is good about it.
I really enjoyed and I laugh a lot and if you want hear about Scala fundamentals.
There are few funny bits:
  •  "I don't want IDE's vomiting on my code"
  •  "You don't need to be working hard to do stupid things!" 
  •  "The day I learnt this, I cried that night."
  •  "Java has the intelligence of  monkey."

Worth to watch it even if you are not fun of Scala,just watch for entertaining purposes.