21 June 2017

What I learn from 015 : article by Richard White titled "How We Use Trello & Google Docs to Make UserVoice Better Every Day"

"How We Use Trello & Google Docs to Make UserVoice Better Every Day" by Richard White

    Jira and Confluence tools from Atlassian are one of the well-known standard tools used for product management and team collaboration. In the article "How We Use Trello & Google Docs to Make UserVoice Better Every Day" by Richard White, we can see and alternative way to do product management using Trello a great "get things done" task tool and google docs.
It is worth reading it.

What I learned from this article:

  • A person is not required to take the top card from the list but rather the top card that it feels most comfortable to handle. 
    • It is a great idea. For example for pair programming when you can switch pairs between tasks as different people likes different things and want learn different things, so they can switch pair on the ticket basis.
  •  Etiquette is that you should never have your face on more than 2 cards at a time: 1 major project and 1 minor.
  • Something that I should work on in the future. Currently, I do not follow this rule as for when I finish the task but I need to wait for our CI to finish successfully, I have a habit to pick-up something new.
  • If a bug is considered as “Critical” by the customer team then it can be pick up by “developer on call”.
  • They set limits to pick 7 bugs per week. It prevents development to be disturbed because there are always bugs and the customer team always wants them all fixed. They learned that set a constant throttle of how much time they spend on bug fixing helps them to have more stable development.
  • If you don't have a dedicated support team, then having a limit for a number of bug fixes to do is crucial. I experienced a chaos when our team suddenly need to take care of support and it turns our development into mess. We fixed it by having dedicated person who handles these issues.
  • We keep a list of areas that we think might need refactoring. Engineers take small cards when they feel like it and add them to in progress; larger cards need to be planned in the Next Up list.
  • It is a great idea to have 'spare time' to spend on improving code without hassle.
  • One of they board is called The Planning Board is where CEO, PM, and head of UX spend the majority of the time. It has the following columns: Next Up,  Spec (This means “someone needs to write a spec”.  Design (This means that the card needs a designer to take a look at it), Ready (We have a spec that’s been reviewed by the idea creator and by the design team. )
  • It sounds 3 amigos style meeting that helps sprint plan.
  • Have a single prioritized list for the product team to work from. Don’t have a separate system for bugs because from they experience having more than one list breaks down a prioritization.

Overall, useful article to read if you want learn on how to organise your team when what tools can you use if you don't want spend fortune on Atlassian products.


LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rrwhite/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrwhite

12 June 2017

Doms learn Chinese: Word Game v17.2 released!

Doms learn Chinese: Word Game

 You can download from here:

It is a maintenance release ,where I fixed few ui glitches..

  1. Fix few UI glitches
  2. Add few words
  3. Minor improvements 



5 June 2017

Coolpointer.014 - Github Audio

        Very cool tiny project that play music where musical note is a event that happen on Github.
It will never create a song that will win Eurovision, but output can be quite interesting.
It is usually sounds like music for meditation, sleeping or  relaxing. 

developed by Sudhanshu Mishra


29 May 2017

Coolpointer.013 : What the... JavaScript? talk by Kyle Simpsons

" What the... JavaScript? " by Kyle Simpsons is a quite funny talk about " interesting design decisions " made by JavaScript. Kyle explains why some of them are logical even if they are not intuitive. If you are interested in general JavaScript and you want to answer this question:

"what in the hell is that ?"

 when you read Javascript code, then it is worth watch it.

"WTF the ... JavaScript?" by Kyle Simpsons


24 May 2017

How run test multiple times in IntelliJ IDEA ?

Solution works for :  IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3 and later, but I don't know when it was added.

Ages ago, IntelliJ IDEA added really cool feature to repeat test.
If for whatever reason you need repeat test x amount of times then follow these steps:

  1. Run test (tests) first.
  2. Go to Edit Configuration
  3. In configuration tab, in top right corner, you can specify repat test

Apply and run it :)

Small warning!  For very large amount of test IntelliJ IDEA start works very very slowly. I usually I don't have problem with running more than around 65535  and more tests,but it depends on tests amount and size of the project :).

21 May 2017

How to prevent Firefox from being automatically updated ?

        I am back-end developer. On rare occasion, I am invited to do some basic front end stuff. I have done my ticket. I needed to run the test now to ensure that I didn't break this fragile AngularJs code. It turns out that I need to have a specific version of Firefox. The problem is Firefox is the maniac about updating itself to the newest version which is a great thing! Unfortunately, it was a problem in my case. So what to do?


I did these steps and my Firefox was cured of obsession to update itself.

  1.  Install older version of Firefox (https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/)
  2.  Install as usual (DO NOT SELECT check for update).
  3. DO NOT RUN after installation.
  4. Go to the installation folder and delete these files:
  5. delete update.exe
  6. delete updater.ini
  7. delete update-settings.ini
  8. delete maintenanceservice.exe
  9. Run Firefox.
  10. Go to settings and disable auto update.
  11. Done!

        From now. Firefox will not start the auto update on run and Firefox will be unable to auto update itself in any way. Yes, Firefox has other ways to figure out that update is required. For example, when you click on "About Firefox". Don't panic! It will download a new version and then failed to run the updater. As a side effect, you will get an error message.

WARNING!  Do not use out of date Firefox for anything than run the test! Shitware can screw your PC badly and you don't want have trouble at work, do you? Don't believe me, check recent news about WANNACRY which attack Windows that haven't been updated for just 2 months!


What is it'funq ?

"The blessing (and curse) of working with software is that it’s never finished. Small changes happen daily, and major overhauls happen monthly. Until you find product-market fit, you’re essentially a chicken running around with your head cut off."
Author: Matt Goldman 

16 May 2017

Doms learn Chinese: Word Game v17.1 released!

Doms learn Chinese: Word Game

 You can download from here:

It is improvements release ,where I increased highscore table from 100 to 250 and I added bunch of words to dictionary.

  1. Increase highscore table from 100 to 250
  2. Add many words ,questions and answers to dictionary.
  3. Correct some mistakes in dictionary
  4. Minor imporvements 


29 April 2017

Junior/Senior and Software Developer vs Software Engineer vs Software Architect

GRADUATE/JUNIOR/SENIOR Software Developer vs Software Engineer vs Software Architect

Senior ... what does mean for company ? What is difference between Junior/Senior/X developer ?

What are difference between Junior / Mid / Senior Developer ?

My eyes start bleeding when I read some emails from recrutires 

 Great engineers should not simply be order takers, but actively part of product development.

While I looking for job I found that recruiters don't distinguish difference between software developer , engineer and architect.
While I spend some time with Scrum framework. I discover big picture design is a bad thing.
I agree that waterfall is bad , but 'generic high level picture' is mandatory element for successful software.

Vision and structure will be adapt to changes required by request from real world (user,customers ,businesses) and this where scrum is awesome ,but lack of sounds like anarchy and that's wrong

Software Architecture for Developers gives me a few hints.

If this notes teach at least 1 Recruiter to gather
and saves precious time of person
I will be proud of my achievement.

If you are recruitrer
Graduate Developer

junior, intermediate, and senior, I have seen them all.

24 April 2017

Coolpointer.012 : Finding time to become a better developer

    "Finding Time to Become a Better Developer" by BILL SOUROUR  is an interesting article about his experience to become a better developer. This is something that I am working hard now to be a better developer with very limited time available.  Bill in his article shares these  advices .. 

  1. You don’t need to learn every new thing in order to stay relevant.
    • I agree that most important is to learn Fundamentals  and be up to date with latest version of the  framework that  you use the most, so for example as I am Java Developer who works mainly with Spring Framework, so I am working hard to improve my all fundamentals that I need to know about Java (language) and Spring (framework) and trying to attend to meetups to improve this knowledge.
  2. Writing good code takes less time than writing bad code, BUT it does not feel that way.
    • I am sort of agree with this . However, I think writing some good code everyday is important. I made mistake in the past where I sit comfortable and done task for few months that didn't involve coding and it hurts my skills very badly.
  3. Working 24/7 does NOT make you a hero. Managing expectations does.
    • One of my golden rules in looking for job is (almost) no overtime, because a lot of overtime means bad management and it drains you as person.
  4. Not all time spent “improving” code has the same ROI.
    • If I am honest I don't get this point.
  5. Scheduled down time makes you more productive.
    • Something that  I need work hard as I am crap at the moment.
As you get older and you have more and more responsibilities in your life. It getting harder and harder to finding time to be a better developer and keep good balance at work between being productive and  breaks for down time .I tried few approaches and I discover that most efficient way for me is 

  • Try to spend 25 minutes per day on learning new thing. During that time eliminate all distractions like phone, Facebook and so on. Where to find time for this ? In the early morning or what I am trying to do is to  read book on train, and I try to code at some point during day to practice what you learnt and write down what you learnt.
  • Write new code every day.
  • Read news about what's new in your primary language and framework.
  • Make sure you rest well and plan your breaks during day. How ? It is something which I am struggling at the moment and I trying new things. So far I found that doing super quick break every 90 minutes where you need walk to kitchen or anywhere as long as you do around 250 steps is good for me. It is important as well to have in afternoon a quick power nap or  10 minutes walk ( I go for coffee shop) to calm yourself down and regenerate your mental energy.

In shortcut , that's all.Feel free to  read his article and write comment or e-mail with your opinion what you are doing to be a better developer ?

"Finding Time to Become a Better Developer" by Bill Sourour