5 July 2015

What I learn from 002: C. Todd Lombardo - Fundamentals of Experience Design

I found a very interesting lecture about Fundamentals of Experience Design presented by  C. Todd Lombardo. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y5uPRfXdKY

It was really cool fast-paced lecture about basic principles. C. Todd Lombardo explained design as solving problem that meet people needed and it is usable by them. It describe goal of design are  Desirability,Feasibility  and Viability.

It talk about life-cycle of design,which he describes as:

  • Discovery (Understanding the challenge, Prepare research, gather inspiration)
  • Interpretation (Tell stories, search for meaning, frame opportunities)
  • Ideation (Generate ideas, refine ideas)
  • Experimentation )make prototypes, get feedback)
  • Evolution (Track learnings ,move forward)

and he summarized his talk with  5 things to take away

  1. Write down assumptions and challenge them 
  2. Ask questions ... especially Why? Why not?
  3. Think of the "WHOs and their sense(sight,hearing,taste,touch,smell)
  4. Map the whole process - PRE-start to POST-finish
  5. PARCC (proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast,colour)

It is worth to watch it, specially if you want understand fundamentals of design.


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