27 August 2013

Useful webinar: User Interface (UX) Techniques - Janne Jul Jensen

I am slowly starts collecting various webinars, seminars ,links and  material about that i read ,listen and/or watch about User Experience as I planning learn it.

This is a very interesting seminar that I found on YouTube.
Janne Jul Jensen - User Interface (UX) Techniques

This seminars explains about how looks good usability:
  1. Simple and natural dialogue
  2. Speak the user's language
  3. Minimize memory load (for example multi-step buying process instead of one enormous form)
  4. Use constructive error messages
  5. Support recall
  6. Make clear exists
  7. Make shortcuts
  8. Give feedback (to user about what is going on is good/back/info)
  9. Prevent errors
  10. Thrive for consistency
It get some interesting information how creative design workshop should looks like (6-12 people in 2-4 groups )
Each groups must have:
  • Desingers
  • Domain expercs
  • Users
  • Developers
and shows some examples.

I learn some useful bits from this seminar and It is worth to watch and larn as it has with lots of useful information even for beginners like me.

This is video description from YouTube:
"Video from  GOTO Here's a description of Janne's talk from GOTO Aarhus 2012: Most developers today are aware of the importance of creating a good user interface with a high level of usability, but many are lacking the methods and techniques that can help in this process. This session will present to the listeners a range of concrete methods and techniques applicable in different phases of a design process, to handle specific challenges. This will include design patterns, personas, wire framing, paper prototype testing, progressive disclosure, card sorting and creative workshops and many of the methods and techniques will be accompanied by examples."