10 July 2013

How to solve problem with Eclipse/STS and unable to run Tomcat as port 8080 is in use

Solution for  Windows Any, Eclipse Any , and Apache Tomcat Any.
It will usually works on other cases for Windows too.

If is first time ,then this solution is NOT for you*(go to bottom of post to find few tips)

 You run your app on tomcat server and suddenly ... It stops run after few/ several / any ...  starts and stops .
You try classic solution clean project,clean tomcat project directory,clean and still nothing...
port 8080 is in use,but you are VERY SURE,that no other program use port 8080... and you are really really sure ... not sure ..  it doesn't matter ... something, somehow use port 8080 ...


Simplest way is to download
TCPView (it is for FREE ,even for commercial! ).
At point of writing ,this link works: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/sysinternals/bb897437.aspx
install and run (it will requires Administration Rights to works!)
find port and kill application response for using port 8080.

Then run your application on Tomcat ....and  ... it works (I assumed  that you  do NOT run few applications that use 8080 at the same time).

* In most cases .. other server , framework and etc is run as service or process is turn on automatically after Windows starts.