8 July 2013

Doms diagnostic tools v4.2.0 is released.

Doms diagnostic tools

This is a quite big bug fix release.I focus on improve stability of application and some improvements 'behind the scenes' to improve overall functionality.

  1. Update AppBrain
  2. Update about me.
  3. Improve brightness test
  4. Major redesign , refactoring  behind the scenes (for stability and improvements reasons)
  5. Application can be install internal storage only.
  6. Fix shameful android.util.Log$TerribleFailure 
  7. Fix minor bugs, correct mistakes and etc.
  8. Advice for temperature appear only,if temperature sensor is on device.(before it always displayed)
  9. Few fixes for wifi test.I temporary blocked remove all wifi networks ,but they will back in next release
  10. Add admob