3 March 2013

Korean man trademarked a 'Tower Defence™'

Recently lots of application suddenly disappeared from Google Play related to 'Tower Defence' and  I discover this as it affects one of my mates.

Most of game didn't  disappear actually, they changed name.

Why?  Tower Defence is trademarked now, actually, well... since... 2008,but  Com2uS recently starts attack on Google Play.I just repeat. Tower Defence is trademarked now. .I should write Tower Defence™   now.

I was a bit shocked as 'Tower Defense/Defence' is threats as genre and this kind of games, so obviously it can not be trademarked but.., but as it was trademarked in USA.

It still is  hard to believe that's Tower Defence can be trademarked in USA!
Well, I just wrote something stupid  " It still is  hard to believe that's Tower Defence can be trademarked in USA!" .I forgot, everything stupid can be done in USA.A great country polluted more and more with stupid as main thing as part of human rights.
 I wonder what happen, when half  half of English sentences will be trademarked? How people will speak then?

I feel big respect for what USA done good to the world, but I don't like USA for damage that have been done caused by brainless implementation of law about trademark and patent. I don't understand why USA promote stupidity. If you have child ,you should addicted him/her/it from law,You should force them  to study law. As lawyer will be always  busy.
This cause that these days you can see  "Warning! Hot drink like tea can be hot." and it happen, because law promote being stupid over "think before you do or ask if you don't know".

I  understand concept of protecting patent and trademarks and it is fair enough,but specific things cannot be protected like common used word or words (that's express.. genre for example).In this case Tower defence was used ages before  Com2uS developed their Tower Defence™,so they should not have ANY chance to trademarked this title.  This kind of attempt be treat as law abuse for money drain and companies should be fine for that.I have no idea, who is behind giving trademarks and patents, but law in USA, but these people should be prisoned in jail, forever!

Most app in Appreciator and Google Play are force to rename games as effect of this stupid decision.
 If you looking for  Tower Defence™ like games search for  TD, defence, touch  or theme(like castle, tank, monkey) defence instead

I don't blame Google for that. They just follow law.
I don't blame  Com2uS  for that and additionally I feel big respect to them for succeed made it and blame STUPID  USA law system for allow this to happen.

BTW. Tower Defence™  trademark belong to Com2uS

I will be not surprised to see massive protest and see people will start boycott this kind of publishers and 1 star them for this abuse.