22 October 2011

Netbeans vs Eclipse .Which one is better for me.

This is extremely subjective review.

Unfortunately i haven't use IntelliJ IDEA too much,so i don't have opinion about that,but

This review based on Netbeans 7.0.1 and Eclipse 3.7 .

1).GUI Usability
 - Eclipse looks ascetic .It seems like Eclipse designers has allergy on colors and doesn't like using colors.
- Netbeans has simpler GUI than Eclipse but it looks much nicer and using nice color theme make easier to learn and use.

After update Eclipse is quite likely that something will mess

Netbeans simply works and everything seems to works. New version of Netbeans are better and better.
Eclipse is like fanatically moody girl before period. When you update .... magic various shit happens and you need restore your project from backup,reinstall Eclipse rather than update.Eclipse doesn't crash,but various elements in eclipse crashes all the time and you need spend half day to solve problem (with Eclipse plugins is even more funny)

3)Plugin,Extension and other add-ons
Eclipse has  much more plug-ins than Netbeans.
Eclipse received support for new frameworks and quicker than
Netbenas is quite poor in number of extentions.

4)Everyday usage
I really enjoying time with Netbeans.
It looks nice,it is stable and simple but it lacks of various plugins and support cause some problems with using for specific projects.
In other hand, Eclipse has support for almost all java technologies but using Eclipse is like swimming in septic tank. It is big, clumsy and stinky . Solving simply problem takes hundreds steps to do. For example last update in STS  from 2.7.2 to 2.8.0 cause big problems which nightmare for software developers who need reverse destructions caused by STS.
I use Eclipse only I must.One good thing about Eclipse is few useful shortcuts.

Netbeans is a winner in terms of quality and usage,but Eclipse has better support for varius technologies via plugins. STS(IDE based on Eclipse) seems for me be a better  looking Eclipse with better support for few frameworks (Spring) and technologies . Definiately i need install   IntelliJ IDEA again and play around with some my project and see my

 Here, you have link to article about Eclipse 3.6 vs
Eclipse vs IntelliJ IDEA on dzone

Update 2:
Another good reason to like Netbeans (as part of everyday usage and GUI ) is better multiscreen support by using drag and drop and stuff,so you can keep your editor in one screen. Navigator and info stuff on another  and consoles on  third.In Eclipse you need clone Editor (using ... new Window,because new editor ..clone tab (with class for example) ...)

Update 3:

for PHP development look to this compare war between Netbeans vs Eclipse