28 March 2011

How to crash your Internet Explorer ?

Do you like Internet  Explorer 9 ?
It finally start follow standards .WOW.

Do you think is great and fantastic ?
In my opinion. I still  don't like it.
Microsoft say 'all inclusive' but i think is 'less useless that previous IEs' but still useless.

That's my opinion.
Back to topic ... if you have IE9  and you want crash (or hang up) IE9 , then you need go to this website:
(browser affected IE6,IE7 and ....IE9)

According to author of CrashIE following  code causes IE to crash:
<script>for(x in document.write){document.write(x);}</script>

I think  Microsoft should change ad's text  from:
'all inclusive' to  "New browser - Old bugs "

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