28 March 2011

download spring 3 dependencies without using maven or ivy

When you start your journey with spring
First what you see is
download Eclipse ... easy
download Spring Framework with doc ... easy.
download Spring dependencies ... is not easy since 3.0.5 anymore.
In theory you should download all dependencies from the same site as spring framework.However folks decideded that proper way to download dependency manager is  using maven or ivy (they are build/dependency manager for Java projects ,don't panic what is that at the moment. ) and they are right. HOWEVER... they are right in case when somebody is familiar with spring already, BUT they are wrong in case if somebody want start have great fun with spring and have no f... idea about maven and for this person maven sounds like alien concept.

i think i put enough shit on spring developers (who have done great job and should be praised!)  for this weird decision..

So you trying download spring framework dependencies 3.0.5 or above ,then temporary solution is to go look for version 3.0.2  (some people recommend 3.0.1  because has more files ,however if you start learning spring version 3.0.2  is ok,too ) and download
so download lastest spring 3 framework (3.0.5)    BUT download spring 3 dependencies from version 3.0.1 or 3.02

so ...
  1. Go to Spring Downloads (fill form or on bottom you can choose to go spring downloads without fill form)
  2. Press more 
  3. select 3.0.2.RELEASE
  4. download this : spring-framework-3.0.2.RELEASE-dependencies.zip (sha1) 155.7 MB

Spring Community Downloads

Spring Framework
Latest Development release: 3.1.0.M1
Latest GA release: 3.0.5.RELEASE
More >>  <-- press more 
3.0.2.RELEASE <-- select this realase
spring-framework-3.0.2.RELEASE-dependencies.zip (sha1) 155.7 MB <-- dependencies IS HERE
spring-framework-3.0.2.RELEASE-with-docs.zip (sha1) 45.0 MB
spring-framework-3.0.2.RELEASE.zip (sha1) 21.4 MB

I hope it helps all people who are very frustrated .
Don't worry . Be happy.