15 March 2013

How to make simple game in Android part 8 - add project to Google Play

Few honest informations.  
I have a few years experience in software developer BUT  I am NOT a game developer! I am NOT an expert. 
This guide was written by person who want write game as part of hobby and make dreams come to true (As i want to write simple RPG game in future).   
 I put best efforts to write  accuracy informations, but I cannot guarantee the perfect accuracy of all content in this  articles  on this blog.
I do not take any responsibility or liability for any error, omission , inaccuracy
or destructions!

How to make simple application and/or game in Android



Part 8 

It is straightforward process, so it pointless to describe step by step.
HOWEVER. It is good to know what you need to prepare

  1. 25 dollars*
  2. Web browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (other are poorly supported and can cause some weird problems).
  3. 2 Screen shots of your app(You can made directly from 
  4. Icon (High resolution), 512×512  , PNG, 32-bit
  5. Promo Graphic 180×120  JPG or  PNG,  24-bit, no alpha
  6. Contact Details (I suggest to create a gmail account for android development only)
  7. (Optional) Promo video
 (* it can change over time AND depends on  your currency exchange rate)
Just follow Google instructions STEP by STEP, CAREFULLY.

Here you can find a Few tips that makes process 'surprise free' and  to give more chance that you game can be be searchable by people.

Remember. You must use words that will  keywords, that user will use in search to find your application

 Most important thing to remember that you must use words that will be as keywords, that user will use in search to find your application!


It must be up to 30 character long. Name  Munixihano doesn't sounds likely to be search for but  'Munixihano  racing game' sounds like racing game, so when user search for racing game, then is like to be found. Do not use trademark ™ and  Registered trademark symbol ® as your app will be removed from Google Play due copyright infringement or similar law's crap reasons


You have 2 aims for descriptions:
  • Convince user to install your game.
  • Populate with useful keywords to google search engine, so when somebody
How to  write  a description  that Convince user to install your game?
There is no ultimate solution . Each subject and  different type of application and game  attract different type of audience. Looks how competition describe their products. .Look to ITunes, Microsoft, Blueberry stores for inspiration. They are many more factors and keywords that affect result, which I am not aware of.
Few tips.
  • Be honest with your application and try to not looks like rip off of other application.
  • Use spell check
  • Description should be around 2000 characters.
For search engine  You must target for which type of search terms you want be scored highest. Focus on keywords that will be good  2-3 search result cases .More narrow keywords about specific case(for example puzzle games) are used,more higher will be on result page. From searching for your game is important what you write in description. If you trying cover to many subject, then your rank on result will be low.


It is very important as it is kind of First impression that will catch or not. So write something which will cause curiosity and no. Writing... this game is the best will NOT attract people.


I am rubbish in graphics, so I have no advice for you in that matter, sorry:(


It is good to have a special email for development purposes.
  1. This email will be visible to outside world, so you must expect that you will be targeted by spam that will be android specific. So you will be receive some email with 'outstanding offer' that will  improve your search rank, for little money you will receive a 5 stars and reviews (written by yourself;)) or join to other weird places.
  2. It will help you keep focus on inquiry from users. 
  3. Answer quickly and honestly.


If you application looks good, then add YouTube video with tutorial.
If you application looks creepthen... don't do it, except if your game looks bad by purpose.


If you don't have a website. No worry. Email is enough.
So simple application or games .You don't need a website.
You better spend to some time on creating account for your application on various social media  websites (Facebooks, Google+, Twitter or whatever will be valuable for your audience).

I don't see any reason for website as long as you not planning to do more complicated multi player ,that require to do some specific tasks.
I don't talk about high scores and achievements as you can do this using 3rd party website like http://swarmconnect.com/ I talk about functionality that require interaction between users,then you need website that host that.


I didn't use yet, so I have no idea.Google has info about it here: https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/2519872

This is just few tips.There a plenty more,so I suggest search more about it .

In next part, I will write more about how to increase change to make game successful
 Go to Part 9: How to be rich from application.