15 March 2013

How to make simple game in Android part 9 -How to be rich from application

Few honest informations.  
I have a few years experience in software developer BUT  I am NOT a game developer! I am NOT an expert. 
This guide was written by person who want write game as part of hobby and make dreams come to true (As i want to write simple RPG game in future).   
 I put best efforts to write  accuracy informations, but I cannot guarantee the perfect accuracy of all content in this  articles  on this blog.
I do not take any responsibility or liability for any error, omission , inaccuracy
or destructions!

How to make simple application and/or game in Android



Part 9 

Let's start from most important:
Informations here doesn't contain 'successful gold rules' that makes you rich!
(You can find many e-book about it. ). 
This is just bunch of advices that will help make your app more visible and increase change to get bit more money.
This advices will be useless overtime as things changing constantly.

 Well. It is unlikely that you will rich as a Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg by writing simple applications, but you can earn a little bit from your applications.
Here, you can find common tips
  • You need be lucky.
  • Follow advices given in part 8 about Title of the game and Description and Promo text.
  • Singular and Plural may matters. For normal search engine   Singular and Plural  do not matter, but when I start my app using  Singular or Plural  forms and I search using  Singular or Plural forms. .I got different result. I don't know why, so I think decision about use  Singular, Plural or both depends on how users search for  type of your game.
  • Upper and lower characters may matters. Again, they shouldn't, but Are you using a capital letter, when you search for something? No? This is reason why is a good idea to have a description in lower case. It is weird as normal search engine should not see difference between Word and word, but it somehow affect result rank.
  • Translate your application into some other languages. Find top 10 languages for your application game type. (+ English and your native language) and smartly translate. .How to do it? Use simple sentence as they are easier to translate correctly by translator. Translate to foreign language and translate back to see, is result are correct or not (you will be surprised).
  • Do NOT use  adults terms in title, description and promo text.
  • Price. If you want earn money on Android application, then forget about paid version and use ads based systems like appbrain, inMobi, ad mob  and more. However,to be successful, you must do a research about which ad networks is great in revenue, payout and reliability and how is suitable for your application and audience. They are many ads networks available for Android. (Look for list for example here: http://appflood.com/blog/list-of-mobile-ad-networks-february-2013).
  • Be careful about what type of ads your implement in your application and how intrusive they are. You can be flooded with 1 stars for annoying type .In my opinion, you should avoid push ads,
  • There is one exception from above rule. If you planning sell your on Amazon Market,then make this application paid there and exclude Amazon kindle from supported devices on goggle play .Why? People who used AppStore and Kindle Fire Alps Store are learnt to pay for content .(It not applies for Goggle case as Goggle earn money on ads,so they didn't bother to learnt user to pay for apps. Another reason is that people who buy Android's based devices are not people who love spent money left and right, so they stick to free version and give 1 stars for annoying ads).
  • Use your friends to write a good comment about your application. It will motivate people to  download app and improve your position in ranks.
  • There are few good e-books about how to earning money on Google Play.(Good for beginners, quite useless for people who has experience with monetization using ads).
  •  You need be lucky (Yes I wrote this as bullet point above, but that's most important.)
Translate from English to Foreign languages and translate back. If doesn't have sense

Again, this blog entry contains only few tips and they many many more.
 Keep in mind that these tips will be outdated very quickly as things changing constantly, so make sure that you always do more research about it. If you want have a nice constant earning then you need check often for new and good techniques for revenue. (by good, I mean these one that are acceptable by user for example push ads cause 1 stars full of hate review).

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