16 November 2012

android development crusade part.10: learn chinese game

I started new project called "learn chinese game" actually on Google Play it will called Doms learn chinese: word game.

You can download from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dms.pastor.chinesegame

You will see Chinese character and guess English meaning.

Game will be have few more modes:
  • Great Wall  Word Game
  • Radicals test,to help me a learn radicals characters
  • HSK exams (1-6)  to help me to learn vocabulary needed for these exams
  • Story line game(each level will be about different set of words for specific category)

In  Great Wall  Word Game mode:
  •   Player needs to guess a Chinese word meaning in English. Player will have Health points and will stay alive as long as health points are above 0.
  • Player will lose health points for wrong answer or too slow answer.
  • Player will gain little health points for pass level.
  • To make Player life easier,it will has spells to help me  game easier.Catch is ,that spell costs mana and it is limited amount of mana.
  • During game random events will happen during game (and it will be good and bad things like mana regeneration ,poison, get some extra points and more).

When player will die then score will be showed(and add to high score if score is enough high).
During developing game , Great Wall  Word Game  will be a Demo game to tests how all features works and .

My plans for  Radicals test looks like that:

  • 107 questions (They are 214 radicals in Chinese)
  • 333 seconds to answer all of these (bit more that 3 seconds per answer)
  • Question will not repeatable in the same test.
 1% per wrong answer
 1% per second (over limit)

95%  Awesome  (1st)
85%  Good (2.1)
75% - Pass (2.2)
61% -poor pass (3rd)

I have as well plan to enable  guess pinyin and number of strokes .

Game should be useful for people who learn Chinese (using English (Polish maybe in far away future)) and Chinese people who want practice English.

Why I make this game? 

I making this game help me learn Chinese.
I am very excited about this project.