24 April 2017

Coolpointer.012 : Finding time to become a better developer

    "Finding Time to Become a Better Developer" by BILL SOUROUR  is an interesting article about his experience to become a better developer. This is something that I am working hard now to be a better developer with very limited time available.  Bill in his article shares these  advices .. 

  1. You don’t need to learn every new thing in order to stay relevant.
    • I agree that most important is to learn Fundamentals  and be up to date with latest version of the  framework that  you use the most, so for example as I am Java Developer who works mainly with Spring Framework, so I am working hard to improve my all fundamentals that I need to know about Java (language) and Spring (framework) and trying to attend to meetups to improve this knowledge.
  2. Writing good code takes less time than writing bad code, BUT it does not feel that way.
    • I am sort of agree with this . However, I think writing some good code everyday is important. I made mistake in the past where I sit comfortable and done task for few months that didn't involve coding and it hurts my skills very badly.
  3. Working 24/7 does NOT make you a hero. Managing expectations does.
    • One of my golden rules in looking for job is (almost) no overtime, because a lot of overtime means bad management and it drains you as person.
  4. Not all time spent “improving” code has the same ROI.
    • If I am honest I don't get this point.
  5. Scheduled down time makes you more productive.
    • Something that  I need work hard as I am crap at the moment.
As you get older and you have more and more responsibilities in your life. It getting harder and harder to finding time to be a better developer and keep good balance at work between being productive and  breaks for down time .I tried few approaches and I discover that most efficient way for me is 

  • Try to spend 25 minutes per day on learning new thing. During that time eliminate all distractions like phone, Facebook and so on. Where to find time for this ? In the early morning or what I am trying to do is to  read book on train, and I try to code at some point during day to practice what you learnt and write down what you learnt.
  • Write new code every day.
  • Read news about what's new in your primary language and framework.
  • Make sure you rest well and plan your breaks during day. How ? It is something which I am struggling at the moment and I trying new things. So far I found that doing super quick break every 90 minutes where you need walk to kitchen or anywhere as long as you do around 250 steps is good for me. It is important as well to have in afternoon a quick power nap or  10 minutes walk ( I go for coffee shop) to calm yourself down and regenerate your mental energy.

In shortcut , that's all.Feel free to  read his article and write comment or e-mail with your opinion what you are doing to be a better developer ?

"Finding Time to Become a Better Developer" by Bill Sourour 


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