22 August 2016

Lesson learnt:000 - Introduction

When I read Henrik Warne's blog about his way to  lesson learnt from bugs (https://henrikwarne.com/2016/04/28/learning-from-your-bugs/)  , I decided to do the same thing,  because I believe it will help me to be a better developer over time.

Each blog entry will contains:

Date - when this happen.
Story - what happen
How was discovered - describes how this was found it.
How many times happen - is it first time or is it a mistake a made few times.
Fix - how I fix it.
Caused by me  yes or no
Could be avoided: yes or no ,
Time taken to resolve bug:
Lesson learnt - what  I learnt from mistake and what i can do to not make this mistake in the future.

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