28 June 2016

How to re-apply redis properties?

Sometimes ago I had a problem where software stopped to work and error looks like it was problem with some redis properties .However, It was very mysterious ,because all known settings  that could affect software was setup correctly   (as I did it few times already ). 

I didn't have other option but to re-apply redis properties .As it turns out it is not straightforward to just delete and add key/values . You need do a bit do some commands combos to make this work.

Run your favourite command line (for example git bash)
  1. type: redis-cli DEL _cfgset
  2. type: redis-cli KEYS "namespace:*" | xargs redis-cli DEL (for example for ufo: redis-cli KEYS "ufo:*" | xargs redis-cli DEL)

Problem solved :)

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