2 June 2016

How looks process of finding job as software developer part 4: How to write good Cover letter?

This is a NOT a professional advice.
It based on my personal experience only and resources that I read on internet.
It will contains many  grammar mistakes.
Please drink double espresso and energy drink as article is long and boring.

How to write good Cover letter?

I don't know how to write great cover letters  as I wrote few of them and all of them were rubbish, but it is very rare in IT industry to ask for Cover letter. In my opinion it is actually waste of time for you and company.

However, so far I learnt that your cover letter should have 5 parts:

  1. Introduction (what you are apply for, where you found info about job  ) 
  2. Who you are and what skills you have
  3. Link your skills with experience and match this requirements written in job specification
  4. Explain why above skills are good for company (mention good news about company found in news or etc.) 
  5. Thank you paragraph (where you said thank you for time spent on read another boring Cover Letter

and the other useful rules ,that I found are :

  • Cover letter should be an extension to your bullet points in CV targeted directly to company that you are apply for.
  • They are very similar rules to CV .(Marketing yourself,  GRAMMAR ,  Formatting  and Linking skills with achievements)
  • Write template of your cover letter  (As 3 parts of cover letters are almost always the same. Main different in part about why you choose company and what you know about company. It will saves you plenty of time !
  • Do not copy and paste cover letters as it is a chance that you will copy stuff, which you don't want (like other company name) . If you make this mistake ,then ...GAME OVER. (I have done that twice  :( )