10 December 2015

How to trigger automatic restart in IntelliJ IDEA when you are using spring boot's devtools plugin ?

Spring boot 1.3 introduced a new feature called automatic restart (if you are familiar with hot swap or JRebel , you may more less guess what is about). In shortcut ,it reload class after you saved changes so you don't need restart whole application.As result, it  speeds-up process of feedback when you are developing a software.

Normally automatic restart is triggered when you saved a file.
However ,because  IntelliJ IDEA does this automatically , you will expect that restart is triggered too.
Well, bad news is .. it doesn't work that way in  IntelliJ IDEA. Good news in order to trigger restart you need press Ctrl + F9  (on Windows and Linux )  ,if you have allergy to shortcuts simply go to menu  and select Build and then press Make Project.

Enjoy your lighting fast development!