5 December 2015

Coolpointer.001: What happens when the Board Of Directors begins to panic?

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What happens when the Board Of Directors begins to panic?

This article is written like a good story .  It is an amazing article about story of technical lead ,who works in startup company that is lead by bad management and board of directors.
  1. It was the best story IT related that I ever read.
  2. This article is another proof why I couldn't work for startups because as my values  disqualify me for this kind of job.
  3. It is amazing that bad management cannot kill developers "believe in success of software that they wrote" and I admire Lawrence for determination
  4. I believe, if you have got a chance to work in a startup company after graduate from university, during sandwich/gap year or as long as you are 2x years old. You should always try it. If you are lucky enough ,it your learning curve will be very high but quite likely you will work very hard and possible reward can be shape your carrier in future. However ,it is extremely difficult to find a startup company that has inspiring and cooperative management 

source: https://news.ycombinator.com

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