19 January 2015

Ignore this e-mail as it is phishing !

Usually , I don't publish news or warning about new phishing attack as they are many of them but this one come to my Inbox and haven't been catch by anti-spam filter which is unusual for Gmail.

If you see message :

"Dear Gmail User,
Your two incoming messages were placed on standby due to the recent update of our database. In order to receive messages click to login and wait for the response from our server.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause you and thank you for your understanding.


Ignore it and remember:
- NEVER CLICK ON LINK in e-mails that you are not expect regards security ! 
- If you went to this page or even worse ... you use your login/password,then  change them now  !(if you use this password anywhere else ... change them too!

How to spot it phishing ? They are few rules and as I don't remember all of them ,so search on Google for them (or go here: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/10-things/10-tips-for-spotting-a-phishing-email/ or here http://www.zonealarm.com/blog/2014/07/7-ways-to-spot-a-phishing-scam/,but ...
  • Phishing e-mails almost use  starts from  "Dear valued/company name/" (they may use your first and last name if your e-mail is firstname.lastname@gmail.com )"
  • Link/Domain/Page/Sender address is different from what is shown  (so if is from Gmail link,sender and etc. should be from/to gmail.com not anywhere else ). be CAREFUL. it is usually small one character difference for example Grnail instead of Gmail
  • Poor grammar and weird vocabulary used gives you 99% that it is a phishing
  • E-mail require action that you are not requested (for example ... password change). if you see that ,it may indicate that somebody trying access to your account..but check it using company website directly ... not link in e-mail
  • Big companies ,banks do not ask you to verify your account (If they are screwed ,you will hear about it in the news,so follow instructions from them ,not from e-mail)
  • Big Companies NEVER asks for update personal data!
 If anything looks suspicious ... just ignore email ... always or check online,but simply copy and paste message.If is phishing then should be plenty copy of this e-mail .

Stay safe folks

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