24 September 2014

Dear Recruiter!

Thank you very much for interest in my profile on LinkedIn.

Due unexpected large amount of LinkedIn requests and my unusual approach to LinkedIn , I created this blog entry to explain 2 things and help you decided is worth time to contact me and avoid waste my and your time. It may sounds a bit harsh , but I want save my precious time .

1. Can you add me on LinkedIn? No. Find explanations here: http://dominiksymonowicz.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/to-linkedin-users-who-would-like-to.html

2. I have interesting job for you , so what you are looking for ?
I am not looking at the moment but I am open minded due changes in future. If you fancy send my role, it  must meet all criteria below:
  • Java 7 is minimum ( 8 preferred) , Spring Framework 3.2 & (preferred) ,Spring Boot 1.x Agile ( Scrum , Kanban ),  TDD and IntelliJ IDEA (It can be Eclipse).
  • 25 days of annual leave (excluding bank holiday)
  • It must be 45 minutes from Rickmansworth (off peak time ) using public transport.
  • Mid level back-end (no senior roles please please please!)
If 'amazing' job doesn't match these criteria then I am not interested. Sorry for any inconvenience that may cause.
Important, if you fancy to send me any role, then please make sure that information included has answer following questions:
  • Is for Graduate/Junior/Medium/Senior Role?
  • What is required a certain level of experience for these skills? 
  • What are main duties?  How looks specific responsibilities expected of a my role?
  • What methodology are they using?  
  • How flexible is this role (can I do various position over time) and how the role could develop? 
  • How big team is?  Is it work in team ,alone, pair programming, mixed?
  • How looks working culture and working style? 
  • Is work is only at company's premises?Is it required travelling ?  
  • Might they even be able to work from home when possible?
  • Salary range , starting annual leave (ability to buy holidays ?)


Is your company has any vacancy?
I am working in IT department not HR.

Do you know anybody who looking for job?
According to probability ... yes,but I don't know details,so don't ask me for details of person,because I don't know and btw. I am software developer not recruiter and more excited topic to talk about than asking them about looking for 'awesome' opportunities.

If you read this blog entry. Let me know , I will be much nicer to you , because you proved that you pay attention to what I wrote on LinkedIn :).

Thank you very much!