29 April 2014

How to solve problem Eclipse (STS) hung up or crashes on startup

Solution works on Eclipse and all tools based on (like STS,Scala etc.)

As  I am known as Eclipse Hater,be warned , that this post  may contains lots of sarcasm ,swearing and  other inappropriate  words    about this  peace of junk called  Eclipse (and all tools based on).


Sometimes when you try run  Eclipse after it crashes ,did update or .. you just run it,then Eclipse just hung on "loading Workbench"...(after you select Workspace).When you force to close and then  you will see exit code : 
This number explains everything,is it?


Well, if you see this magic number it means ... workspace just blowed up.
Lovely,is it?Anyway ..

First,try run eclipse with -clean switch. How?
  1. Run command line  (press WinKey+R) and type cmd and press enter
  2. go to your Eclipse installations: (for example: cd C:\rubbish\software\Eclipse\)
  3. type: eclipse.exe -clean)
If this doesn't work ,then try to run Eclipse with new workspace and simply import old project into new.

In case ,if you unfortunately  press "don't show" workspace selection (or something like that) on startup,then you need :

  • Run command line  (press WinKey+R) and type cmd and press enter
  • go to your Eclipse installations: (for example: cd C:\rubbish\software\Eclipse\)
  • type: eclipse.exe -data newWorkspaceLocation 
newWorkspaceLocation is a location of your workspace.

or rename your workspace and run Eclipse again.(It will force Eclipse to create new workspace with the same name,so you can import projects from old to new).

It solves all my problems with loading workspace on Startup and I hope ,it helps you too.

More details about running Eclipse can be found here: http://help.eclipse.org/indigo/index.jsp?topic=/org.eclipse.platform.doc.user/tasks/running_eclipse.htm

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