7 January 2014

my top 10 useful application for windows in 2014

Most useful application for Windows

  1. (Web Browser) - Opera
  2. (office suite of desktop applications) - LibreOffice
  3. (picture browser) - IrfanView
  4. (cleaner) - CCleaner 
  5. (tool) Unlocker
  6. (antivirus) Antivir - Reasonable Antivirus
  7. (text editor) - Notepad++
  8. (media player) Gom player
  9. (music player) Foobar2000
  10. (cloud data storage) Dropbox

(Web Browser). Opera
Opera is my favourite browser since 2003 and I like for lots of  unique  feature that makes browsing a nice experience. Main problem with Opera was stability, lack of support from most website.Opera switched to Chrome engine and it lost few cool features but it is still my favourite browser.

(office suite of desktop applications) Libre office
Libre Office - Good free replacement for Microsoft Office
If you don't like spend forutne on Microsoft products then ... Libre Office seems to be great choice.
Is Google Docs will be replacement for me next year ?We will see.

(picture browser) IrfanView
It looks ancient but it works very fast and has many awesome plug-ins .
Best application to browse pictures and other documents.

(cleaner) CCleaner 
There are many programs to clean rubbish from PC,but CCleaner is simple , easy and remove all junk very well.It has rubbish Registry Cleaner. 

(tool) Unlocker 
It is a best tool to unlock file (to be able to delete it).It can come handy during clean-up after mess caused by viruses or when one of the application hang-up and lock access to file.

(antivirus) Antivir
Maybe ,it is not  a best antivirus,but it may opinion it does his job very well and it doesn't  affect performance of PC. Another advantage.It has FREE version.

(text editor) Notepad++.
It is best Notepad for Windows and thanks to many plugins it  makes this application mandatory on every PC.

(media player)Gom player.
I hate  Windows Media Player for  uselessness .Gom Player is .. opposite .It fast and  has many useful options which will handle all usual needs for playing media files.

(music player) Foobar2000 
Winamp is death. Anyway..I start using Foobar2000 since Winamp released 3.00 ,which was unusable peace of crap. Foobar was and is ugly,but it  fast and simple to use but if you will start digging in advance option ,then you will discover that Foobar is one of the most advance music player.

(cloud data storage) Dropbox.
I like Dropbox for friendly and cute UI. Dropbox has great support and community,but security of Dropbox is not too high as found few blogs entries about problems with Dropbox safety.
Main reason why I prefer Dropbox over GoogleDrive and  SkyDrive is support(as I mentioned before) .If shit happens to Goggle Drive or SkyDrive then it takes ages to get any response(if any), while I got response  Dropbox   very quickly.