1 November 2013

Android Studio 0.3.0 Released

A new Android Studio 0.3.0 Released

Quick Table of content.
  1. Intro
  2. My observations
  3. Release notes from Android Studio 0.3.0
  4. Release note from  IntelliJ IDEA  13  EAP 132.556 and 132.637
  5. Source links

1) Intro
This entry is not just copy and paste of release notes.
It includes my observations about changes also.
If you are interesting in plain  release notes ,open links from Source link (bottom of entry).
Keep in mind,that this blog entry is usually update few times (when i made more observations).

2) My observations

  1. Updating IDE (It went smoothly)
  2. Install IDE  from fresh  (It went smoothly)
  3. Creating new project (I had a few problem)
  4. Import project (I had tiny problem)
Update went smoothly (from 0.2.9 to 0.3.0). It didn't cause any problems or side effects.

Install IDE from starch went smoothly too.

It seems this week update is bit bigger than usually and contains few changes that are interesting for me.
They improve 2 things

They add lots of useful  Improvements for Quick Documentation and they improve running process is improved as you can now  automatically show logcat window on run and they fix bug with "Clear log before launch" checkbox as it didn't works in past,so my last 2 problems which I had with running process are fixed.

As I do not use Gradle in my project as my projects are very simple,but from what I heard and I experienced so far .Using Gradle with Android Studio is still big Pain in the ass.
For example:
In this version .I had a problem with import project using gradle plug-in as I saw error:  "Cannot create directory path.to.myideaproject.idea"    but .. apparently ,it is known issue
"Importing a project using the Android Gradle plug-in 0.6.1 and Gradle 1.6 or 1.7 will show the error: "Cannot create directory <path>.idea". The real cause of the project import failure is that this version of the Android Gradle plug-in only supports Gradle 1.8 or later." Source: https://sites.google.com/a/android.com/tools/knownissues
Creating a new project went with various problems with Gradle, but I constantly see this error,when I create projects.
Gradle: A problem occurred configuring project ':DomsLearnchineseRadicals'.
> Failed to notify project evaluation listener.
   > Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':DomsLearnchineseRadicals:_DebugCompile'.
      > Could not find any version that matches com.android.support:appcompat-v7:+.
        Required by:

That's all  problems i spotted,but stay tuned for more updates about changes.
Android Studio works great until you start Grandle.

3) Release notes from Android Studio
Release notes from Android Studio
  • Gradle Builds
    • Much faster gradle project import: Importing one of our apps went down from two and a half minutes to fourteen seconds. This speedup also applies to syncing your existing project with Gradle, reopening existing projects, etc. Furthermore, we now only run the build target to generate sources, not a full compilation.
    • The improved performance is made possible by changes in Gradle 1.8 and Android Gradle plugin version 0.6.+, which are now the minimum supported versions.
      If you open an already imported project that uses the Gradle wrapper pointing to an old version of Gradle you will be able to automatically fix the wrapper properties and re-import the project.
    • The Gradle 0.6.3 plugin is now also available (or soon available; it is staging on maven central, so should be available in the next few hours), which improves resource merging handling (better error handling, more accurate error locations, source element references no longer merged into the R class documentation, etc).
    • NOTE: Earlier today we published plugin 0.6.2 with incorrect dependencies. Make sure you're using 0.6.3 (or 0.6.1). To be sure, you can explicitly specify "0.6.3" instead of "0.6.+" in your build.gradle files, or run gradlew on the command line with --refresh-dependencies to ensure that Gradle looks up the most recent available version.
  • Template Support
    • Revised new blank activity template with support for action bars on older versions of Android (via the appcompat library), and new navigation styles
  • Layout Rendering
    • Support for xliff strings. It will now insert id (or if available example) attributes into the layout editor preview strings.
  • As usual, many bug fixes.
    • From b.android.com: 60801, 60823,  59444, 60848, 57904, 60266, 60893, 60879, 60820, 61050, 61113, 60894
    • Other bugs and crashes not tracked in the issue tracker

4)  Release note from  IntelliJ IDEA EAP ( Android,Java and Gradle related changes only)   


IDEA-114273 (Usability Problem) "restore old layout" tip is misleading for new users and for those, who had tool window stripes hidden
IDEA-114143 (Bug) Sometimes tool window widget popup stays visible even if mouse is out of the window
IDEA-114287 (Bug) Search control in toolbar disappears when second project is open
IDEA-114288 (Bug) New search button in toolbar doesn't behave like rest of the buttons
IDEA-114190 (Bug) Navigation bar font too small
IDEA-114294 (Bug) BackSpace key doesn't work in GoTo Class/File/Action
IDEA-114015 (Bug) Scrollbar preview is twice as big as it should be
IDEA-113938 (Feature) "Submit feedback" should pre-fill project and affected version
IDEA-93868 (Usability Problem) No option to zoom in editor with keyboard
IDEA-113594 (Usability Problem) Please document OpenJDK problems or remove the warning
IDEA-74140 (Usability Problem) Improve support for large screens: Better Docking framework
IDEA-113826 (Bug) MismatchedCollectionQueryUpdateInspection – calling methods which accept callbacks should be treated as queries
IDEA-114130 (Bug) Compile failure using IntelliJ IDEA (Cardea) IU-132.325 due to Lombok annotations
IDEA-114198 (Bug) @SuppressWarnings("javadoc") does not work
IDEA-114393 (Bug) Play 2.0 plugin for IDEA 13 is missing dependency on Scala plugin
IDEA-114514 (Cosmetics) Grammar error in "Library already exists" dialog
WEB-9169 (Bug) Map help ID for Settings | Handlebars/Mustache
IDEA-114186 (Bug) Copyrights are not added automatically into new files
IDEA-113506 (Bug) view context info fails with nullpointerexception
IDEA-113961 (Bug) Could not save project: java.io.IOException: /path/to/file/.idea/scopes not found when using read-only directory
IDEA-114736 (Bug) Bug in code completion inside instanceof block
IDEA-114694 (Usability Problem) Shift-Space is a terrible default shortcut for Search Everywhere
IDEA-57747 (Bug) Idea X - CTRL+SHIFT+Left/Right Arrow functionality
IDEA-114850 (Bug) Unreadable 'No files are open' text


IDEA-67759 (Feature) Make possible to access Adnroid SQLite databases from within Idea
iDEA-67747 (Feature) Add [Fragment] as a Android Component Kind
IDEA-53990 (Feature) IDEA should show red underline when valid id is expected
IDEA-102167 (Feature) Android XML: sort attributes in completion in layout files
IDEA-102165 (Feature) Android XML: show icons for views in code completion
IDEA-65787 (Feature) Notification: Android SDK not configured
IDEA-67759 (Feature) Make possible to access Adnroid SQLite databases from within Idea
IDEA-60280 (Feature) Option to create a layout file and specify it as content view when activity is created
IDEA-68373 (Feature) Navigate from android components to AndroidManifest.xml like for Spring beans
IDEA-91552 (Feature) Support activity-alias for launch activity chooser
IDEA-89857 (Feature) Automatically add android:layout_width and android:layout_height. Close with correct tag.
IDEA-99045 (Usability Problem) IDEA keeps R.java empty.
IDEA-92500 (Usability Problem) 'Clear all' button only enabled after clicking in content area of logcat view.
IDEA-102906 (Performance Problem) Provide option to disable automatic generation of R.java and other files
IDEA-94431 (Task) Support configuring several proguard files
IDEA-114339 (Bug) IDEA doesn't recognize ID for preference headers in res/xml folder
IDEA-114463 (Bug) Inspect code (Lint) doesn't work with maven project
IDEA-87215 (Bug) Android: Quick Documentation from Code Compeltion popup shows "No documentation found", though without the popup quick doc works fine
IDEA-109206 (Bug) Auto-magically added content roots is wrong
IDEA-113328 (Bug) Android Run Config does not see MAIN action in intent-filter
IDEA-90654 (Bug) Android: TableRow as a root tag is error-highlighted with 'layout_height, layout_width attributes should be defined'
IDEA-113689 (Bug) Cannot disable logcat from appearing when launching app
IDEA-113446 (Bug) Android maven project import broken again in 132.106
IDEA-113647 (Exception) Android: AE at AndroidLightClassBase.processDeclarations()


 IDEA-113874 (Bug) Gradle tool window: horizontal scrollbar is incorrectly displayed
IDEA-113053 (Bug) Gradle: Quick Documentation for standard gradle plugins is not shown if invoked from Code Completion popup
IDEA-113930 (Bug) External System: please rename 'Refresh external project' action in Keymap (currently it is named just 'Refresh')
IDEA-113935 (Bug) Gradle: Import Gradle Project adds a new module to the last imported project
IDEA-114534 (Bug) Gradle: cancelation of gradle tasks for "out-of-process" mode
IDEA-114766 (Bug) Gradle: module dependency scope ignored while project info resolving
IDEA-113935 (Bug) Gradle: Import Gradle Project adds a new module to the last imported project


IDEA-114317 (Bug) Can't word-complete inside a string literal
IDEA-114408 (Bug) Local variables should be preferred in Math.min call
IDEA-113698 (Bug) Getter code generation removing "is" from getter method name.
IDEA-114256 (Bug) Completion popup should prefer option without prefix
IDEA-114280 (Bug) Compiler allows use of uninitialized member
IDEA-114169 (Bug) unreachable code inspection mistakenly highlighting outer exception
IDEA-113710 (Bug) Complete Current Statement broken for generic methods
IDEA-114314 (Bug) "Convert to variable argument method" action removes "final", if present
IDEA-114292 (Feature) Extract method: The option to set up the default visibility
IDEA-114102 (Bug) Extract method: better automatic name suggestion basing on comment before
IDEA-114737 (Bug) Incorrect "effectively final" warnings for lambda expressions.
IDEA-114528 (Bug) Invalid highlighting range when overridden method mismatches parameter annotation
IDEA-57252 (Bug) Error 'cannot find symbol class B' is not highlighted
IDEA-57274 (Bug) Error 'types pck.I and pck.A are incompatible; both define foo(), but with unrelated return types' is not highlighted
IDEA-67518 (Bug) Error 'cannot find symbol class C' is not reported
IDEA-67591 (Bug) Error 'cannot find symbol class B' is not detected
IDEA-114557 (Bug) JavaDoc: variable name in param tag is copied from interface

5. Source links :