4 October 2013

Android Studio 0.2.11 Released

A new Android Studio 0.2.11 Released

Quick Table of content.
  1. Intro
  2. My observations
  3. Release notes from Android Studio 0.2.11
  4. Release note from  IntelliJ IDEA  13  EAP 132.425 
  5. Source links

1) Intro
This entry is not just copy and paste of release notes.
It includes my observations about changes also.
If you are interesting in plain  release notes ,open links from Source link (bottom of entry).
Keep in mind,that this blog entry is usually update few times (when i made more observations).

2) My observations

  1. Updating IDE (It went smoothly)
  2. Install IDE  from fresh  (It went smoothly)
  3. Creating new project (TODO)
  4. Import project (I had tiny problem)
Update went smoothly (from 0.2.10 to 0.2.11).
It didn't cause any problems or side effects.

It seems this week update is bit bigger than usually and contains few changes that are interesting for me.
They improve 2 things

They add lots of useful  Improvements for Quick Documentation and 
they improve running process is improved as you can now  automatically show logcat window on run and they fix bug with "Clear log before launch" checkbox as it didn't works in past,so my last 2 problems which I had with running process are fixed.

As I do not use Gradle in my project as my project are very simple,but from what i heard and I expeirenced so far .Using Gradle with Android Studio is still big Pain in the ass.
For example:
In this version .I had a problem with import project using gradle plug-in as I saw error:  "Cannot create directory path.to.myideaproject.idea"    but .. appertaly,it is known issue
"Importing a project using the Android Gradle plug-in 0.6.1 and Gradle 1.6 or 1.7 will show the error: "Cannot create directory <path>.idea". The real cause of the project import failure is that this version of the Android Gradle plug-in only supports Gradle 1.8 or later." Source: https://sites.google.com/a/android.com/tools/knownissues

That's all changes that i spotted,but stay tuned for more updates about changes.

3) Release notes from Android Studio
Release notes from Android Studio
  • Updated the IDE base to the IntelliJ EAP build #132.425 sources.
  • Layout rendering
    - Support for designtime attributes, which allow you to show sample data in your layouts without affecting the runtime app. For more details, see Designtime Layout Attributes.

    Included layouts now render the edited (unsaved) contents of other editor buffers
    The layout preview is smarter about when to trigger a re-render; for example, it will ignore edits that affect only whitespace or comments, edits to an attribute that does not yet have a value, etc.
    There's now a large progress indicator in the center of the view for the first render, and a smaller indicator in the upper right corner when re-rendering after editor switches.
    Fixed issue where the render preview window sometimes didn't open automatically on IDE restart, and fixed issue where switching between files would sometimes briefly show the old layout contents.
    Improved error message when you accidentally use a drawable resource in place of a color resource 
  • Text editing
    Resource inlining: Dimension and integer resources are now also inlined, as well as string resources outside method calls. Perhaps more importantly, the long standing issue of resource folds showing stale contents or appearing on the wrong code statement has been fixed (see bug 60529).

    The editor spell checker is now aware of the target language used in a Android string resource file, and will no longer use the English dictionary to flag "errors" in for example Spanish text in values-es/strings.xml. If your base values/ folder is not in English, use the tools:locale attribute on the root <resources> element to let the tools know what your default language is.
    Theme resolution chain display (added in 0.2.10, see Android Studio 0.2.10 Released) now also handles theme attributes (such as ?foo)
    Fixed XML validation for dimensions to allow floating point numbers
  • Android Device View, LogCat
    Console code folding for elided stack frames. When an exception is nested, the VM will truncate the stack display of the inner exception. It does this when it gets to a point where the rest of the stacktrace is the same as in the outer stacktrace, but many users were not aware of that and thought they were missing vital information. In LogCat inside Android Studio, we now create a fold region on the "4 more ...lines" section, and when you expand it we reconstruct the full stack trace.

    You can now view the logcat output of a particular process by just clicking on the process in the device panel. If you don't want this behavior, you can deselect the toggle button "Only show logcat from selected process" on the logcat toolbar.
  • Lint:
    New check for duplicate words in strings

    Fixed some bugs (which had resulted in false positives in source code involving enums or string arrays)
    New projects: Improved package validation. Android application package names have stricter package name requirements than Java packages: Package segments cannot start with an underscore, and only ASCII letters (and digits, dots and underscores) can be used.
    Misc bug fixes in the gradle build area.

4)  Release note from  IntelliJ IDEA EAP ( Android,Java and Gradle related changes only)   

No android specific changes.
Code Completion
IDEA-114037 (Bug) Code completion should prefer variable names to unimported class names
IDEA-96713 (Bug) Incorrect options shown for 'implements'
IDEA-90294 (Bug) Don't use substring match in word completion
IDEA-112820 (Bug) Console completion popup shouldn't select the first item by default
Java. Error Highlighting
IDEA-85961 (Bug) Pattern BACKSLASH_PATTERN = Pattern.compile("
", Pattern.LITERAL) is always marked red.
Java. Intention Actions
IDEA-113785 (Bug) "Delegate methods" generates duplicate method annotations
Java. Refactoring
IDEA-113352 (Bug) Introduce Parameter is brokenIDEA itself fix few things :This fixes the dark theme todo-token color many users reported
IDEA-85457 (Feature) Android. Add option to automatically show logcat window on run
IDEA-102165 (Feature) Android XML: show icons for views in code completion
IDEA-89390 (Feature) Proguard heap size setting
IDEA-102167 (Feature) Android XML: sort attributes in completion in layout files
IDEA-91552 (Feature) Support activity-alias for launch activity chooser
IDEA-101683 (Feature) Add possibility to exclude R class from "Insert imports for inner classes" setting
IDEA-94431 (Task) Support configuring several proguard files
IDEA-112932 (Task) Android attribute sorting: "width" should be before "height"
IDEA-80976 (Bug) Android Logcat "Clear log before launch" checkbox in run configuration doesn't actually clear the log
IDEA-100046 (Bug) BuildConfig.DEBUG shouldn't be marked as always true/false
IDEA-102180 (Bug) Android XML: markup nested to string resources should not be reformatted
IDEA-112979 (Bug) Spellchecker inspection should be suppressed for symbols user cannot edit
IDEA-87215 (Bug) Android: Quick Documentation from Code Compeltion popup shows "No documentation found", though without the popup quick doc works fine
IDEA-112293 (Bug) APKLIB modules with incorrect dependencies
IDEA-113689 (Bug) Cannot disable logcat from appearing when launching app
IDEA-100044 (Bug) Parceable.CREATOR shouldn't be marker as unused
IDEA-113328 (Bug) Android Run Config does not see MAIN action in intent-filter
IDEA-113138 (Bug) Cannot run single method test in android
IDEA-113446 (Bug) Android maven project import broken again in 132.106
IDEA-113647 (Exception) Android: AE at AndroidLightClassBase.processDeclarations()


IDEA-113910 (Feature) Gradle: code insight; dependencies DSL resolving
IDEA-113861 (Usability Problem) Gradle: it could be possible to hide 'Gradle: download' progress to the background
IDEA-111335 (Bug) Gradle: task tree is incorrectly displayed if tasks are added to sub-projects via 'subprojects' method

5. Source links :

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