13 July 2013

MY NEW GAME: Doms dice poker game IS RELEASED

Doms dice poker game

 You can download from here:

This is an action packed, free , simple casual and casino roll dice poker free game.

doms roll dice poker free game.

are you looking for simple poker dice game? Are you looking for free apps and free games ? do you need a game for a coffee break , between business meeting or during boring lectures ? If yes ,then this is a very simple causal dice poker game for you. This game is for free!
It is NOT another dice poker game . I created a my own version of dice poker games. It is similar to games like yacht (dice game) , cheerio(dice game),Poker dice, Dice 10000 , Liar's dice, Farkle or yahtzee™ (by hasbro), but has own unique type of the games. This game will check your luck. It will improve yours strategy and probability skills. I hope, you will have a good fun!

GAME OBJECTIVES for doms roll dice poker free game:
each level has 3 turns.
First turn ,you rolling five dices. you can select dices that doesn't match and re-roll these dices in turn 2 and 3 or press done if you achieve task. you need match a task (for example poker).Objectives vary between game types.

ABOUT GAMES in this game : this application has 3 games types: random dice poker (you have 25 turns to complete 18 tasks), poker league (you play against 300 hundred opponents), practice (25 turns against 1 cpu opponent).

main FEATURES of doms roll dice poker free game:
- this game is simple, easy and fun.
- 3 games types
- 6 enemy type in poker league.
- it works on all smart phones, amazon kindle and tablets .
- game has very tiny size. it doesn't have too many images. It has some sounds and vibration effects.
- no in-game payments!
- only 4 permissions!
- high score.
- there is no gambling features. this game is suitable for kids , teenagers and adults).
- there are no any annoying marketing features. no pop-up to rate me or follow me on twitter or like me on facebook or plus me on google+ or any other social network. no need sign up before play. You don't need active internet connection (as internet is used for ads only). no notifications to play or ads. no annoying feature. Simple game focus made for use without marketing gibberish.
- there is no music, so you can listen, what you like on your music player while you play this game (It has few sound effect).
- game is free. well , it is adware (game is free for you, but it displays ads, but only in game! nowhere else)
- it has some easter egg jokes to make you laugh.

i created doms roll dice poker free game because i always played dice poker games with my family. it was my one of childhood dreams. It is action packed but a very simple causal dice poker game (games) . It is bit similar to card and casino games and games like , cheerio(dice game), Dice 10000 , Farkle, Liar's dice, Poker dice, yacht (dice game) or yahtzee™ (by hasbro).

Thank you for playing my game.
Any comments and feedback ?
Send me a EMAIL or contact via twitter or linkedin.
Thank you in advance.

google play services
more enemies type
more games type (multi-player!)
some balance changes.

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