15 May 2013

Learning Scala will be fun...

I decided to learn Scala and Play framework 2.x.
On starts.. most scary sentences is:

" Scala uses the underscore to mean different things in different contexts, but you can usually think of it as an unnamed magical wildcard. "
When see "different things in different contexts" or "magical wildcard" ,I know,what it means... TROUBLE as big flexibility come with bigger confusion  and even bigger production of sentence "WTF is going on here!"

As far as I see Scala will be a good fun for experienced developers who used Java  + Functional programing language(C?) + some experience with dynamic language (Groovy)

I will learn based on book Dean Wampler -  Programming Scala (can be found here -> http://ofps.oreilly.com/titles/9780596155957/ ) , practice by writing many lines of code (Plan 10.000 lines) and on the end  I will read  Marius Eriksen  - Effective Scala  (can be found here -> http://twitter.github.io/effectivescala/ )  to improve my general knowledge  .

I will write some blog entries about  interesting , confusing or annoying experience during learning Scala. I will try add code examples ,where possible and add sources.

Wish me a good luck.