13 April 2013

Doms learn Chinese: free game v3.0 released.

New version of Doms learn Chinese!
Download from:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dms.pastor.chinesegame

First.I added sentence pattern  in learning section .I believe,that it can be helpful to construct some simple sentence in causal situation.However,it is still in progress,but i will working on this feature.

Second.I start do some changes in an arcade game.In this release,I added few more events to make game more action packed but i have more plans to add.
I added few words and 1 lesson.
And as in  all other apps I fixes few bugs  (and problaby add few more ).

  1. + sentence patterns (beta)
  2. + freeze event
  3. + blind event
  4. + add switch to change between display information or vocabulary in lesson and pattern.
  5. + 1 lesson
  6. # fix some grammar mistakes.
  7. # fix bug with timer was not cancelled could cause memory leak
  8. # fix bug with possible vibrations issue in hsk and radical tests
Future plans:

A minor update will be earlier than usual  (next one was plan on 1.5 but will be release.
In next big release I will make change arcade mode a bit (instead of choosing all words from dictionary.Game will start from easy words,then add more over time) and global high score provided by Swarm Connect).

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