4 April 2013

Doms learn Chinese: free game v2.2.1 released.

New version of Doms learn Chinese!

, I fixes few bugs that was reported by some users. A bug that cause application to close during lesson's test... I think i solve this problem,but i am not 100% sure yet. Some unexpected encoding or misspell issue cause crashes in lesson test.I believe, they are fixed now.At least on my test devices.

  1. # fix lesson test bugs that cause app to crash
  2. # minor bug fixes
  3. Some new stuff are added as part of v3.0 ,but some of them are not available for user yet,but some like words are available. 
Future plans:
A big release will come out this weekend.Stay tuned!

Download from:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dms.pastor.chinesegame

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