27 February 2013

Review: HTC ONE X+

  1. This is subjective review!
  2. It is not professional review!
  3. It contains very poor English,but I will work hard  to improve my writing.


I had a nightmare experience with Samsung GT-C3350. (Read my review about it here: http://pastorcmentarny.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/review-samsung-gt-c3350-xpress-2.html ).As xmas gift i had previelege to choose any mobile,which i want.I had a big problem with choosing mobile.
I want android phone.
On start i knew that  Samsung mobiles are permanently disqualified fo shitness.  I didn't want NEXUS 4,because it was made by LG and you need wait light years to receive ... and LG. I left with choose between Sony and HTC.
I had a problem with HTC.They didn't release any WOW phone for while now.They are terrible with update devices.
Sony. I feel bit ... worried about Sony as Sony was pricely but quaility of everything was superb,but it was in past and it seems is not an awesome anymore.Anyway.I stuck with choosing HTC One X+ and Sony Xperia T.
All reviews ,o2 advisors said Choose Samsung SIII ...but my answer was NO F.**KING WAY,so then they everybody say ...Sony is better in battery,camera,quality and because last time when I listened these advices a end up with  Samsung GT-C3350 which i feel so shameful about this decision until today.so i decided to choose HTC One X+


  1. Great camera
  2. Great music player
  3. Stable
  4. Need survive whole day without charging 


+ Screen quality

Awesome camera.

+ Sm
- Itenral memory ,if you lost data,You will have no chance to recover that data.YOU MUST DO BACKUP!


It looks amazing.I really like look HTC and

  €¥£ CALL and SOUND 
  • Good sound quality
Lots of people are disappointed that beats audio does not cause ear orgasms and most people believes that when is turn on,it makes music louder . Well is ... True BUT only if u using normal earphones and listen a pop 'music' and using shity music player with some dodgy equaliser.however... If u have a better headphones ,using good music player then for some genres u will discover difference.
How differents sounds like?It is clearer with fouc
Many people wondering

It is great vivid colors. I
t has a Gorilla Glass 2 which means scratching screen will be a much difficult task.
However, they can be s a bit more fragile if You drop it.
So far mobile survived few scary drops and there is no issues.

  €¥£ KEYBOARD Unfortunately ,due no physical keyboard. I am forced to used a virtual one. I h


  • Useless for business people, gossip girl

HTC ONE X has one huge disadvantage .Battery size and endurance.
Many people wasn't sure is battery is big enough to go to local shop to buy milk and back.
How looks in HTC One X+?
Well.It doesn't survive day of intence and action packed use .
It will survice day in normal days (which a big progress compare to HTC One X).
Battery is not swappable.It seems good battery pack seems be compulsory.
I have no idea why they didn't give battery like 2800mAh.

  €¥£ CAMERA

  • Pictures quality are superb.
  • Shot time is very quick
  • HDR.
  • ff
In past HTC had avarage quality camera lens, (almost all 3.2 and 5Mpx generations was so so. 8Mpx generation is an amazing improvment. Quality is really awesome ,even in very cloudy and bit darky places.Night pictures looks like picture.

It is enough camera for everyday events pictures and ok for basic photos due travel and etc.


  • All connectivity features(Bluetooth ,Wifi,WiFi Direct) works without issue.
  • I didn't test NFC yet.
Bluetooth works ok.I used for file sending , listen music on weird branded Bluetooth speaks.
WiFi works very well in at home ,on company network with bizarre security settings and open-access WiFi in trains. Some people has smaller issue but i haven't notice in my case

  €¥£ OTHERS

  •  My smarthphone during running half marathon for unknown reason have done a factory reset.I have no idea.How this happen.

  €¥£ Android OS &&  SOFTWARE
 HTC gave u few extra apps like

Mirror,Flashlight, Polaris Office
and few shitware like Deals
Despite.I have an O2 mobile,they do not install useful app called O"


It is really cool


It is an amazing phone with great spec but nothing with wow factor. I have an amazing experience with this mobile almost everyday.almost as device format itself twice during running. How drawbacks affect my opinion. Battery size is a big problem but you can solve by using battery pack.
I feel really disappointed after mobile  lost data.
I am happy that I chosen this mobile over nexus4 , galaxy s3. Is it better than so