11 February 2013

How to make simple game in Android part 1a. - Introduction

Few honest informations.  
I have a few years experience in software developer BUT  I am NOT a game developer! I am NOT an expert. 
This guide was written by person who want write game as part of hobby and make dreams come to true (As i want to write simple RPG game in future).   
 I put best efforts to write  accuracy informations, but I cannot guarantee the perfect accuracy of all content in this  articles  on this blog.
I do not take any responsibility or liability for any error, omission , inaccuracy
or destructions!

How to make simple game in Android



Part 1. 

I had a simple idea for little challenge. Can I write application in weekend?
Answer is yes. However ,I believe my experience can be useful for people who starts successful adventure Here I will explain how looks whole full cycle from planing to release with various tips and tricks.

If you are interesting with how looked my challenge see part1b,where I described it and part 10,where I wrote summary about it.
If you are interesting in how to write a single game application ,then  In part 1a, I will write few words about project. In part 2,  I will write what is good to  learn about Android and Java to be able to writing program for Android. Then I will explain planning process, then I will explain how I design game  and then in part 5 and 6  (maybe more parts) shows how I implement game, shows some source code and what problems I had. In chapter 7 I will explain testing... and how to not test game. Chapter 8 is about how to add project, what to add in description and how to helps other people to find your application. In part 9 I will write few words how to earn money from game. Last part is will contain summary and FAQ.

This is plan:

Table of content:
4. Design
5. Implementation part 1
6. Implementation part 2
10. Summary 

About game.
I am learning mandarin chinese at the moment.
As I had idea to write extra feature,where i can guess  countries , capitals and flag
in chinese.
However I decided to challenge myself and write a seperate application in one weekend (in English but I will add chinese language version at some point). While i discover, that I can share few informations about developing app for Android by beginner who focus on some basics.

Go to Part 1b: A challange
Go to Part 2: What You need to learn

As always.
I hope, you will enjoying read this series.
Any interesting comment, question and suggestion are welcomed.

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