14 January 2013

android development crusade part 18 : 5000 downloads!

Good news:

Doms diagnostic tools hit a next milestone .

Doms learns chinese hit a next milestone .

First time when chinese game has more downloads that diagnostic tool :)

Doms learn chinese 122 downlad/day

Doms Learn Chinese v0.8 is out.

In this release I added  last feature that  v1.0 should have. Mini Lessons (It was called Campaign,but I changed this into Lessons as it will help me to do review).

I have to
  • do some minor code improvements
  • tweaks
  • add few lessons (to have a 10 lessons)
  • balance practice game
  • add more time for radical game (native person need around 280 seconds.,so i set a time to 444 seconds)
It should be done this weekend,
If  no bug detected. and my game should be ready for 13.01 for v.1.0 :)

This weekend .I decided to do 'a game in the weekend'.

  • Create a game in a weekend as part of challenge
  • Follows by rules from one of the e-books to make free app widely downloaded.

Cheats used in this development:
  1. Design is done already.
  2. Main screen and some commons utils are done already as used them across all application.
  3. Research for resources for a game is done.


It will be updated soon.

As always in the end of post
Some statistic about doms learn chinese game,which reach my target,so it is last time ,when i publish them.
I added last missing element which was

Search:  for "learn chinese"  is on page 5 [+6]!
Search:  for "learn chinese free" is on page 4  [ +6]!
Search:  for "learn chinese game" is on page 1 [ +1] (11st place!)
Search:  for "learn chinese free game"  is on page 1 [ +1 ]  (10st place!)
Search:  for "chinese game" is on page 2[?]

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