19 December 2012

Review: Samsung GT-C3350 (Xpress 2)

  1. This is subjective review!
  2. It is not professional review!

This review is split into few parts. I start from introduction and first impression, then  'in rush summary(+ and -)',then i will  focus on specific aspects of mobile (calls, hardware stuff like display,keyboard,battery,camera and some bullets points about rest features, software ,  everyday experience and some bullets points about tough mobile features and end up with summary and mark.


Second eco-friendly Sony (SE Elm) mobile died.
It makes me upset. Really upset. It was a cool phone,but it didn't survive many drops during run and quick walk and suddenly stop works ;(.
I decided to buy tough mobile that will survive  my clumsy  behaves . After long research I decided to buy Samsung GT-C3350 .According to reviews ...
Good Screen,battery life and other things make me convinced. Let's buy a  Samsung GT-C3350.  I made worst decision ever.

I expect that:
  1. mobile will be  difficult to damage.
  2. all basic features working perfectly.
  3. higher than average sound quality and speaker.
  4. long standing battery
  5.  Camera good enough to do pictures of damaged packages.
  6. Can listen mp3 during running.


+ Radio
+ Camera ,do a good picture as 'tough mobile'
+ dust proof
+ water proof* (except,if you don't drop or mobile do not 'open itself
+ battery life

- Call quality!
- Sending/receiving text ( Mobile CRASHES during texting )!
- Buggy software!
- terrible user interface
- torch
- No 3.5mm jack
- tough mobile features are crap (except dust and water proof) .
- locking back cover cause trouble which unacceptable for
- indicator
- slow
- usability


I just felt that I bought mobile-toy for kid,but despite it feel 'cheap' It looks nice .I think is best looking classic candy-bar made by Samsung ever. I know, It is to fatty for modern devices,but it is really a nice looking tough mobile.I turn on device and ... gosh what a ugly interface and later things go worse.

  €¥£ CALL
  • Sound quality is very poor.  
  • Most people has problem with understanding me and i have problem with hearing people. loudspeaker produce better sound. It's is difficult to understand normal person,but I can't imagine what you will hear when drunk person will call to you.
  • In noisy environment calling is unusable. 
  • You can talk very long on battery (around 8h).

  • Good size
  • Poor quality
  • Poor visibility in direct sun
Size are good (2,2")  240 x 320 px . as for tough mobile and is better average tough phone (1,44") i saw on the market.  In my opinion 2,2"  is optimum for this kind of phone,but quality of display is  quite disappointing . Colours quality is similar to phones in 2004.
Visibility in direct sun is poor which is a big disadvantage for outdoor use.

  • Great keyboard and almost all keys
  • up-arrow ruins whole experience with using keyboard
  • Crap T9
Keyboard is really good for this kind of mobile. Yes.It is  crap , if compare with HTC ChaCha keyboard but as don't forget about type of this mobile  'tough mobile'.As always for Samsung , great experience is ruined by stupid issue.  For keyboard ... Up arrow is very difficult to use . It is really annoying during everyday use. Combine with bugs related to SMS it will piss you off every day.  Which is shame as rest keys are very comfortable.
To make things worse T9 is not very helpful either as it was lack of many basic words .It is first time since introduction  of T9,where writing words without T9 was faster than with T9!

  • Big battery
  • Long battery life,specially in standby mode and good if you talk a lot.
  • Indicator lies a lot.

It has very big battery 1300 mAh for a mobile. You will charge mobile every few days even if you use a lot.The only problem is ....a indicator.
battery allow mobile to work for long time.
That's good news, however indicator that show battery battery state is quite random.It will stay full for major amount time and suddenly it start dropping rapidly from full to almost empty in 2-3 hours. Sometimes u see that indicator shows battery is empty and cause mobile to switch off by itself. however when u turn on again or plug device to charger for 2-5 seconds then indicator back to full and  battery stands for another 2 days.It hard to predict when to charge battery.
You achieve 50% of what Samsung say in specification.(Which i found quite normal for Samsung mobiles spec).

To be honest all indicators in this mobile are useless.
Signal strength shows good range in place where is no range.
Indicators  seems to be fake feature in GT-C3550.

  • 2mpx
  • good quality
  • NO FLASH LIGHT. bit weird for outdoor mobile 
It is  .. 2mpx. Which is OK,but ..  Picture quality is not too bad.On screen looks rubish,but on PC or other device it looks quite good. Camera doesn't have a flash light, which is a mistake as flashlight can be useful for outdoor or working  environment.

day picture

As you see picture looks ... good.

night picture with artificial light
It looks ... ok'ish.

night picture can't be done during ... lack of flash light.

So camera is OK for this type of mobile in this type of mobile.

  • average speed,but it struggles from time to time.
Mobile's performance is ... so-so. Response time is average and it can 'freeze' from time to time,but it is not too bad. For example try to quickly switch between images.


 Bluetooth works smoothly,but ...bluetooth settings can be challenge. 

No WiFi, but be honest using any internet stuff is a not a good idea.It will doesn't work.

  •  Radio.It is one of the best feature in this mobile! Built-in antenna means that you don't need earphone to use Radio in  phone. Big +  ... best thing in this mobile
  • It has very powerful vibration.It doesn't cause earthquake but is very good.
  • Stopwatch/Timer will stop works from time to time if you try use them  in background .
  • Loud and good alarm clock.
  • No multi tasking
  • File explorer struggle with many basic file types (including images done by other devices).
  • No 3.5 mm jack for headphones! 
  • It has many social network software,but they either doesn't work or work slooooowly
  • Ugly ,which is acceptable
  • Usabilty is a nightmare ,which is a diaster.You will hate it.
Very ugly GUI but this is typical for Samsung, except if you are fan of GUI made in 2004-5,where very low resolution/ 4096 colours screen rule the mobile world. It is useless too as typical for Samsung. For me ,it seems design was done by person who never use mobile and implement by students who have done software for this mobile as part of assignment last night before deadline during suffering from hangover after night before.


Messaging is a disaster.
First device will crash if You trying send message at time when device will just receive message! SMS has 20 years and It is hard to believe that device can crash!(Nokia was famous to have many problems with sending/receive SMS.
Conversation mode is a disaster.Don't write more as I am trying to avoid swearing about this f***ing annoying piece of s**t.
Alarm clock settings are in to places.which is bit weird,but at least it has feature that allow mobile to wake up mobile if off. for some reason smartphones based on android and windows cannot do that.why? that's beyond scale of my understanding,but Alarm clock is one of few programs in software that works well.


After short time.I started hated this mobile more and more. I discovered more and more issue as I didn't find anything excited . I using mobile less and less,because talking was a pain in the ass.Sending text was problematic.After 3 months ...  i received a new mobile ...a HTC One X+ and feel so happy right now.
I can hear my people clearly.I don't have problem with sending/receive text.

  €¥£ Tough mobile phone's features.
  • It seems this mobile is waterproof  
  • It seems this mobile is dustproof.
  • Torch is rubbish.
  • Unlock/Lock to open cover is doggy!
 I just repeat .Unlock/Lock to open cover is doggy! .  I was a bit surprised ,when locking 'unlock' mobile by 'itself' during running,if i will drop then ... I will be doomed. 
On  picture.You see part that scare me most .

 Torch light quite useless. Many normal mobiles has much better brighter light than Xpress2 .  I was very disappointed. 


It is first time,when I have bought something and I feel regret.
It fails in all my expectation (except battery life).
It seems like Samsung's stuff works only, if all things based on stolen design/technology or they use others OS (like android , everything works fine except things change by Samsung. touchwiz is ugly , cover looks always cheapish and doggy (even S3).
Classic Samsung device issue.
Make product,which has amazing pontential and screw up  few things so badly that it ruins whole opinion.
This mobile could be great,but many annoying mistakes that ruin everything and make this device unusable.

This is reason why i will say DO NOT BUY this piece of crap.
As it is not first time that I feel really disappointed. It was last Samsung device bought by me as I am fed up with waste my money on over fragile and unstable devices made by this brand.

My mark 0/4, DISASTER!
 DO NOT BUY this piece of crap!!!

Explanation for my Mark Scheme

4 ==  Perfect (4! it is something which is visionary ,beyond current time and which competitions should copy as part of future standards )
2 == Above average
1 == Average
0 == Below average (0! is a crappy junk . DO NOT USE)

+ means that something has something special 
- has better mark but some major issue suggest that mark maybe should be worse. 

[update 1 @ 21.12'2012] add connectivity and social network paragraphs