2 November 2012

Android development crusade part 9: Time for improvments.

Release v.1.6.0 is out :)
Not too many new things,as this release focused on fix various issues and do major improvments.
Here is a list of changes

  •  I added contrast test , which helps to
  • Add info about CPU no. cores and their freq in Mhz ( Beta,as I am not sure how it works with 4 cores).
  • Add posibility to go to bluetooth menu in bluetooth test
  • Add network info (for mobile,wifi,wimax,bluetooth,ethernet,dummy)
  • Update help , tutorials  and do some  Englishify*
  • Update hardware info (add camera front,microphone,wifi detect,touchscreen,multitouch screen,usb host,usb accessory. remove memory card info and something else)
  • GPS is back and it works and it not crashes! (still has a little bug :( )
  • major code cleanup and improvement
  • move battery to informations
  • fix battery info issue with power source and status give informations about is device was plug or unplug (which should be as part of status
  • fix wrong indication of what is/isn't beta feature (sensor/ test selection)
  • fix WifiTest$1.onReceive() crash
  • fix Wifi bug that cause wifi was turn off on test starts
  • I have done lots minor changes in GUI in many places to fix various glitches, wrong color (thats is for beta states)
  • Remove beta features from full diagnose as beta features are not appear in full diagnose(they can be selected from single diagnose from now,if you set perform beta tests in menu).
  • I removed all  lots of  "work in progress" stuff ,which now they i moved to my test-app ,so program requires less memory and permissions
  • I removed camera   test


It seems i have a new tradition. Every time, when i upload new version of my program. Somebody report issue that was not solved in app which i just uploaded and make available for public.
This time. I received 2 reports with issues that was not solved during my improvements :). (More about them in next episode no. 10)

Anyway i planning  to release v1.6.1 on 11 Nov (as orginal v1.6 release supposed to be release on 11 Nov.) as i want test is major refactoring cause any issuee

 I am a proud but bit scared  as well.
Let's see screenshot:

Which is great.
My app on first page :)

During wri

This release

GPS issues was caused by  Spinner,so  i decided to replace spinner with button and list view.
It looks ugly now and display info about all satelites .


Spinner is usable for static content only.

Camera. I finally designed camera test and it will be split 3 parts:

- a) Doing plain picture and see result.
- b) Test flash (already implemented)
- c) Display camera information.

 It is still work in progress as it requires lots work.

I make decision that weird implementation of torch mode for flashlight will be ignored. (I added to features that will be not implemented).
I don't waste my time to implement special code for some old samsung and sony devices,because they require special tweaks and hacks that works from time to time and be honest.It will not add any value (or little ).

I believe, my app should be usable,stable and reliable.


Next  release will be on 11.11 (v1.6.1) and it will fix more issues found and minor improvements.