23 November 2012

Android development crusade part 12: Hot fix release.

emergency v1.6.2 release is out
24 hour /day is not enough for me.

My program still suffer from few bugs left,which i left to fix for v1.8 release.
Due lack of time  i don't have full list of minor bugs (shame,as i want write more about bug solving in my post).I mean i have  list ... lists in  few places.

One of them is .... volume restart volume settings on start and  set all settings to 0 on end.
Volume is not set correctly on resume/on pause on my flytouch tablet.

I believed that problem occur on my crappy tablet due is   BUT my friend alert me that his superb Samsung (well in my opinion Samsung sucks,but more about in my extremely samsung review soon).

It is a bizzare problem.
My volume test implementation is clumsy,but because it works on some devices.
When I bought my dodgy Chinese tablet,then i discover a problem.
My volume test mute all volumes type before and after test.

I change few line of code and ...it works.
I have no f***ing idea ,why.

I assuming that order for setting up mediaplayer , sound pool and seekbar  has crucial role.