23 October 2012

Android development crusade part x/ My epic fail development: How to NOT update your aplication . history of dsdt v1.5.x

Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.  OHSHIT!!!

Oh shit.

Typical fail in Dom style.
I fixed issue with flashlight, which i believe will solve problem (however i still need some code improvements,for better stability but i drop idea of implementation special case for Samsung devices as it will be bit hard for me to test).

I am aware of few issue with GPS at the moment.
- App crashed when go to "temporary out of service mode"( however.It may happen in other cases too) and it is somehow releated to ... spinner.
- in range/in use satelites give weird result. (in range is wrong).
- GPS status and status information are very messy.

I decided to tried solve problem with nasty bug that cause "IndexOutOfBoundsException" .
I surrounded all spinner code with catching IndexOutOfBoundsException and ... it still appear.
I decided to remove GPS from testing,but keep it runnable as ... beta feature,so change code and uploaded to console activated and go to work.
On way to work.i discover that ..GPS test CRASH program.

I came to work and trying to replace (reactivate previous version),but i couldn't because:
Google Play give error message:
"Error: New APK version is lower than previous APK version."
So.. i wondering what reactivate for ?
Google support responses that to solve above problem :
"You need to re-upload your app with a higher version."

I need now waiting whole day until I back to home.
I unpublished my app as is pointless for people to install crashing app and feel very upset with that.


Specially in areas ,which was affected by your last changes.
Shame to have fail like that :(.

2) Do not get overexcited with upload hot fixes.Testing for correctness and stability FIRST.

v1.5.2 (bug fix release) will be release as soon as will be ready.