5 September 2012

How to cancel , delete remove git flow feature , hotfix or release ?

So you create awesome feature/hotfix/release and then you released that you don't need it for whatever reason, but ... you discover that git flow doesn't have magic command  'delete' .
You found that is issue was reported (#47 ability to delete/remove release/hotfix/features easily Feature) ... 2 years ago ... and nothing happen since then.

No ability to cancel/delete/remove  feature/hotfix/ release  easily.

Suprisely, this ability exists! Git can do that! Simply:
git branch -d feature/your-abandoned-feature

feature/your-abandoned-feature  - is name of your branch :)

git branch -d hotfix/give-child-sleeping-pill
git branch -d feature/your-abandoned-feature
git branch -d release/version-111.0-bulid1234567890-date20501231

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