21 November 2011

What to do When you plug in headphone (earphone) into htc desire z , htc desire hd and start play music

Android OS ... is under construction OS .... and is very buggy .

Recently I had massive problem with using headphone with my mobile.Every single time when i start using headphone and play music and if any other sound is start play then ... my mobile getting mad.It start play music,skipping ,calling to random person and doing other crazy things.
Bug seems to appear in Android 2.3.x and with HTC devices. (I have access only to HTC devices with Android OS).
So far...  Solution for this problem is  to install program called "HeadsetBlocker" made by roadkill, which seems to works in 95% cases (It means it works,but in rare cases you need restart program...)

I still experiencing some problems from time to time(2 in last month ,where before use this program is happen like 50 times per month) ,but at least smartphone didn't go wild and mental and it is easy to make OS back to normal behave.

You can download this program from :