4 November 2011

Fail development.....

I recently writing little app for doing backups.

Yes. I know they are plenty application that do similar job, but better.
Yes. They do lots of amazing things beyond imagination of my program.
Yes. They are bla bla bla.

But. I needed to have simply tool which will works on all OS which I am using (Windows, Linux, iOS), no law restriction, no crapware and other useful or useless stuff.
I wrote application, but without using testing tools.
However, I use this opportunity to practice my testing skills. 

However I make tiny mistake test "delete sources" starts delete  everything on whole partition (C:\). When I realise, what is going on I cancelled tests.Unfortunately  my program wiped out itself , all my projects and some important files already. For whatever reason, I had problem with recover some files.

So far, it makes my biggest fail in my software development.

Advices for future:
  • Use brain, when planning do test and don't believe in what is autogenerated by IDE.
  • Do backups before you do things. (quite sarcastic that,it happen during writing backup application).
  • Double check your tests.  
  • Do not test program in place, than can "kill" innocent and important data.

I still cannot stop laugh for mistake that I made.ROTFL