18 May 2011

Review about Laptop Optimus II 9o7 2630QM , 4GB , 500GB , GPU Intel HD3000 , Nvidia 540m from www.pcspecialist.co.uk.

Hello folks!
This is my review about Laptop Optimus II from www.pcspecialist.co.uk.

We living in world where we come to shop and buy already-made products and we back to home and then we can get orgasmic about our new toy.
Since online shop, we need waiting for bloody delivery from 1 to few days. Most of people had nightmare experience because of impatience of waiting for delivery or something amazing happen to delivery.

It much worse with custom laptops/Pc where your new toy need to be made it firstly.
It is like when you going to shop buy ready-made shop where you buy sandwich  and we can eat straight away  BUT you going to pizza shop or restaurant and you need waiting ages for basterd to prepare your food from warm up, out of date bun/base with putrescent meat, vegetables and chemical cheese and then assembly food for you which takes ages or at least few minutes .
Really annoying experience, is it?
But when we finally get our food we enjoy it (except if something went terrible terrible wrong).

When you buying custom laptop , you need keep in mind that it will takes around 2 weeks .
And it really takes ages ,so just order and chill out.
Yeah.... easy to write.
Below is my delivery diary:

Day 1 - Thursday Moring ... i bought laptop. meanwhile somebody stolen my wife's laptop. Good start.

Day 2 - Friday ... longer i see processing, then less hope i have that i will see my laptop by Friday next week.

Day 4 - Saturday and Sunday is not a WORKING DAY ... WHY ???? why people has so many human rights ?
Day 5 - Monday .... processing ... processing ... processing .... boring state ,when this state will change ????

Day 6 - Tuesday .... Preproduction.... if processing takes ages and i am already run out of patience energy, how i can survive state which is describe as "Can be longest stage in production" ? I really fancy to call centre to express my emotion ,but unfortunately i working in company where is a call centre department, so i know there working people not toilets, so i cannot put lots of shit on them and "flush it". Life is hard.

day 7 - Wednesday ....  still Preproduction....  i read some testimonials ... "New laptop arrived faster than expected, everything’s working great." ... some people are too sarcastic about speed. my chance that i will receive my laptop on friday is equal 0! it seems guy who wrote above testimonial was so wasted for ages, so he didn't notice that their time fly fast.

day 8 - Thursday .... omg PREPRODUCTION ...did i order laptop or  spaceship ? during lack of progress in status. I looked for testimonial "I had to wait a little longer for stock - but this
wasn't their fault". I'm start thinking did i read information about delivery clearly .Is they wrote "5-7 working days or maybe weeks"? I checked. It’s "working days" ... that can be tricky  part ... who said that pcspecialist works from Monday to Friday ??? maybe they working only from Monday to Wednesday ?????????? I read forum and found that

Our long awaited Sandy Bridge Laptops are now available to order. 5 of 8 new models can now be configured and ordered.
Orders will be assembled from 23rd March onwards, which is the current estimated delivery date. Therefore please note any orders placed will take at least an extra 8 working days on top of
the current lead times.
First i had heart attack , then i ask politely

Hello. Is this horrible news ... is this free "extra 8 working days" applying to my order (31.3'2011) as well ?

and ... THEY ANSWER very quickly that it is not affect my order . YES! YES! YES!

i think these bastard enjoying my pain of impatience....

day 9 - Friday - i slowly start to believe i will be see PREPRODUCTION forever..... however, when i think about that then  i discover that received  from pcspecialist ....AT 3.25 IN THE MORNING .....
they wrote "but please be assured " and i really want answer .... I AM SURE, i just want my laptop .... NOW ;).Another thing is that they mentioned that "As soon as we have any further
updates on the current status of your order we will contact you by email." i think they discovered ,that login to account to check is this f.. status finally changed". woops ;).
 i still have a little hope that i will get my laptop before  end of this year

day 11 – Monday – wow .....state change to next one and another one, so far so good

day 12 - Tuesday - Dispatched ! finally! Not really ... PCSpec UK uses DHL. DHL is a  shortcut for Dodgy harassment logistic .. it means ... problems. I sent e-mail to DHL,can they change delivery address .I received sms from PCSPEC  about my laptop is dispatched. GREAT.

day 13 - Wednesday - DHL (another shortcut stand for Dummy Hell Logistic) for some funky reason "Scanned as part of secure process" my laptop.hmm.... . Did i order bomb, space ship or laptop? Question is still open.... .pcspec sent text to me, that delivery is on the way, BUT I AM NOT AT HOME !! DAMN IT! Great .... i am glad that "Parcel with courier for delivery" but i want "Dominik is with parcel" .Driver couldn't deliver to my house ,so he called to me what i want to do so i asked can he bring to my work place .After hours of negotiations he delivery to my workplace.
Btw. why delivery men from DHL always looks like criminalist who just left from jail after spend infinitive years for murders, robbers and other bad things... finally gave me laptop 

and ... 
It is worth to mention that on next day after my item was delivered ,  i received response from DHL that they can't change address without company permission. Interesting...

Keep in mind that this honest subjective review!
My comments based on fact that i bought laptop for 3 purposes
- for work i am software developer
- multimedia
- home use (surfing too much on internet , playing rarely stupid  flash  game on facebook and etc.)
Screen 17.3" 1920x1080
CPU I7 2630QM @2.00GHz
GPU Intel HD3000 + Nvidia 540m
Wireless Intel Ultimate6300

i looked on box on one side in their corner was written that it is 17.3" laptop and then i had heart attack ..... NO CPU, NO RAM, NO HDD.... what i bought ???? AAAaaaa...

lucky after turn on ..and i see windows 7 with  ... amazing pcspecialist background made in mspaint after heavy drink... and this title "this is test version of windows 7 home premium ",
because i have professional licence so i tried using windows upgrade anytime  but normal licence key doesn’t work ,because you can use upgrade licence key only silly ,but it means that needed to format and install from beginning ... btw. to all people who install windows from usb ... do not use USB3.0 to install windows ...it will not work ...use USB 2.0 instead!
Anyway installing windows went smoothly and after 20 minutes i started enjoying time with my new laptop


even better...
0 dead pixel so far... which is impressive result ...
Great image quality .Screen is great to watch movies .
Unfortunately , because screen is Glare type ,so I can see my ugly face or light or sun. Really annoying, especially, if you have face which looks after hit my express train. If you looks like Cristiano Ronaldo then you will love this screen.


- speakers are very quiet, even silence is louder that these speakers... I think it is great solution for people who watch porn all the time and the don't want share "dialogs" from movie with housemates, but if you want watch movie, then you need buy speakers.
I need check all audio settings which are in 3 places .... windows, realteak and thx ,so I need time to figure out ... what cause a problem (please keep mind that I using windows installed by myself don’t know is this problem appear in default settings with windows )
If you connect audio to speakers


- Keyboard layout is weird (little shift and up arrow is too close to enter. I think keyboard should be a little bit wider, but is still good without any “crazy design idea after magic mushrooms”
- using keyboard is a little bit uncomfortable   on beginning but later is getting better. You can used to but function keys (Wireless, mute, camera, power) are not good, because when you press one of them, then you have feeling that they are cheap and easy to destroy. It can be a little problem who using laptop intensively. When you have habit to writing quickly then you will have many problems with using right shift ,up arrow and right alt ,because you can will press wrong button quite often .Issue typical for weird brand netbooks or ~12-13”ish laptops but it happen first time for 17” laptop. Quite annoying I must admit.
- Keyboard is not illuminated. (Since I used Logitech illuminated, lack of backlight on keyboard is an issue
- You have function key to play/pause ... but you don't have any key to change next/previous song/video ... weird and very very annoying.
+ Little second enter. It so cute and cool to use and it is my favourite key on keyboard.


+ It is excellent .very good quality. Pointer movement is very accurate, without weird behave Very comfortable  to use .buttons pressing smoothly, so if you 

Windows 7 working light speed fast. I turn on windows 7 in 25 second ?
CPU seems feel really bored in most cases, however when you start using plenty program at the same time then CPU handle this quite easily .It seems that 4GB of RAM is biggest issue for what I use so I will need buy another 4GB RAM.

+dvd with drivers and other stuff is excellent.
+nero 9 essential ...useless for me because I am not using cd/dvd-drives since 2003,so .. is nothing what I can say about it.
-   Lack of software to auto-update. It means you are forced to using programs like driver checker which can be a major trouble makers.

Other things worth to mention
-vga port is not too good .... because on external display I see  minor streaks on the screen and they appear when display is connect to this laptop on other laptops I didn’t have this problem at all. Problem appear when laptop switch to nvdia card.
- usb ports on the left are above ventilate. it means over time your usb devices will be so damn hot.

What i didn’t focus on this test is battery, because i treat this laptop as desktop replacement , but you can use laptop for around 1hr in typical usage.

After 1 month ... reflections

I am very happy with laptop performance . Laptop easily handle  20 open internet tabs with flash , compressing file  ,watching movie in HD with other CPU-hungry programs at the same time. Everything working smoothly .
In my opinion my specification is most suitable for people who using many application at the same time that using lots of CPU and RAM , excellent touchpad , great screen which is perfectly design to watch movie but you need have external speakers because built-in has quality similar to speakers for 99p bought in pound-land-type-of-shop. Keyboard is good but has few issues which still annoying me .Laptop is not perfect because has few very annoying issues,but overall it is very good laptop has outstanding performance / price ration.

GREAT for professionals , multimedia (external speakers needed!), intensive usage
TOO POWERFUL for office usage and people who use laptop very rare cases (internet + music player + writing essay only)
USELESS as portable notebook .
CAN BE USE for games.
If you have a question. I am happy to answer.

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