15 April 2011

What is difference between Libre Office VS Open Office ?

If you thinking about download Open Office then you can see a little bit chaos, because you see that you can download Libre Office and Open Office and you thinking WTF is going on ?

So Oracle bought Sun who is owner of Open Office and because of that, few folks wasn't happy to be slaver  of new master ,so they decided to announce independence and create ..... Libre Office,
so version 3.3 are almost identical,so at the moment don't worry about it.Future versions will be more more different from each other,so then you should start worry about it.

What about "Pimp my office" versions ???Go-oo join to Libre Office side ,rest didn't announced yet.

So which one you should choose??
Use coin to decide which one you want use or download tunned  version  which  have better suport to specific task.

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