14 March 2011

How to uninstall SpringSource Tool (STS)?

Personally i don't like Eclipse but then i discover SpringSource Tool and then i start hate Eclipse even more.
I decided to uninstall this junk and then ... i discover that SpringSource Tool doesn't have .... uninstall ability.

What to do ?

 You just need delete folder where SpringSource Tool was installed (luckly STS doesn't add any rubbish to register or put weird files in whole system).
If you added shortcut,then you need delete them ... manually ;).

Anyway, i back to re-install SpringSource Tool again and hope that i will not have random crashes  or interesting errors  like:
" Periodic workspace save has encountered a (f....) problem (again)." or  similar errors i try
  • update STS, 
  • add plugin ,
  • add new project
  • ...or in shortcut ... i try to do something useful, then STS  displayed message that it is a problem .
  • when i use STS ,then my pc switch to slow-motion turtle mode  

Wish me good luck ,because i  just start a serious battle with learning spring framework (with using Spring IDE  :) ).