21 March 2011

How to add Apache Tomcat to Eclipse?

This help based on Eclipse 3.6 and Apache Tomcat 6.0, however this steps should works with previous and future versions  of Eclipse and Tomcat.

In Eclipse/SpringSource Tool Suite:
  1. Go to menu  then File /New / Other
  2. Then select Server / Server (and press Next)
  3. Select your server (and press Next) - for example Apache Tomcat 6.0
  4. Specify the path  where you to the installed server. (I hope that you remember where you install your server ;) ) 
  5.  Select which JRE(Java Runtime Environment) you fancy to use (Usually  selecting Workbench default JRE is a good idea). (and press next if you want add any project or  press finish and and go to point 7)
  6. You can o add any project(s) to the server  (and press finish)
  7. And now you can use your server which should be in bottom tab  called "Servers" .... if you couln't find, then you need add this tab  (Go to Menu  and then  Window / Show view / Servers