18 February 2011


This is my third blog in my life.
I create this blog because in following article:
 "10 Steps to Become an Outstanding Java Developer"
Link to article

they said:
10. Document/blog your thoughts on technology
In day to day job you may learn new things, new and better way of doing things, best practices, architectural ideas. Keep documenting those thoughts or blog it and share across the community. Imagine you solved a weird problem occurred while doing a simple POC and you blogged about it. May be some developer elsewhere in the world is facing the same issue on a production deployed application. Think how important that solution for that developer. So blog your thoughts, they might be helpful for others or to yourself.
because i want be Good Software Developer, so i created this blog.

I will put here solution for problems which can happen to newbie developer who just start fighting with dark side of  solving annoying problem.
Everything will comment is sarcastic way...

Hope you will enjoying this blog...