10 September 2014

Apple is like communist government who is master in re-inventing wheel.

Honest warnings:
  • I am not Apple user 
  • I don't have Apple products (although,I have a lot experience with Apple products
  • I am not Apple hater
  • I am not orthodox apple believer

It is some odd expectations about 'new' Apple products.

Almost every  bloggers, journalists ,fans , experts and other creatures  always complains or moaning about 'NEW' products from Apple in the same way that "new products is not as innovating as previous/first product.".It is weird statement and  I don't understand that,because , truth is that

Apple is  NOT innovative  company.

Apple is like communist government who is genius in re-inventing wheel.

It re-invents innovative idea into masterpiece in design and usability (well with some exception like  iTunes is example of shitware not software). For me Apple is one of the  best company that  use knowledge  of psychology for  marketing and user experience.

Examples ?

Entertainment industry which mentally lives in stone age with technology invest money in '90 and '00 in useless mechanisms to fight with piracy and copyright infringement (like  suing old ladies or deaf people for digital piracy even  if these people doesn't have computer and device to do it) instead of focus on solution to sell legally digital content on-line, so people could listen their song on digital  players (mp3 players and etc.). Due lack of solutions ,piracy must develop software to share digital content over internet like Audiogalaxy or Kazaa .

What Apple did ? 
Apple developed AppStore and ITunes. Marketing behind that was just stunning.

It was innovative ?
No. It just re-inventing piracy idea in legal way.

They are many examples of  how Apple re-invent good idea into successful product with  genius marketing.

People seems to be blind about reality and expect WOW effect from new product, where in reality it is not because in reality people need time to discover beauty of everyday design experience made by Apple.
As result , I get used to it that new release of Apple's software and products means complains about:

  • new products is not as innovating as previous/first product.
  • It is beginning of  end of  the Apple
  • too many articles about Apple (written by people who writes a lot about Apple's leaks.It sounds for me like Spammer who complains about amount of spam.)

and in the end , many people will  buy Apple like crazy for various reasons.

Anyway. It will be interesting to see iPhone 6(plus) in action.