3 September 2013

After hours fun exercise : Introduction

After hours fun exercises is a my private collection of projects ,simple programs and runnable examples.
I do this from time to time, because:
  1. Practice new and enhance current skills.
  2. Improve my knowledge
  3. Program that will solve some problems
  4.  Have some fun with some exercise found somewhere 
  5. A complete example for some of my blog entries,where i provide some snippets only.
  6. Provide source code for tutorial, my old projects and etc.  

All blogs entries will be here:

All examples will be  avaliable for free here:

  • I have only 3 years of experience as professional with many things to learn left,so I am junior developer.
  • Keep in mind that this source code and program are NOT masterpiece of software engineering.
  • Do not learn programming style from me. If you want good programming styles. Download source code for Apache Commons.
  • My solution as simple as possible,not as best as possible.
  • Comment can contains lots of sarcasm.
  • I do this for fun , learning or practice purposes.