30 May 2013

what to do if my site is down ? Loose thoughts about handle a downtime based on BREAKING NEWS: Dropbox is down .

Whoa! That's an unusual event.

Well Dropbox's motto is "Dropbox.Always have your stuff, wherever you are." ... well ...  as long as Dropbox works.

Around 14.00
Dropbox is down at the moment ... and there is no news so far about what is going on.

Something went wrong. Don't worry, your files are still safe and the Dropboxers have been notified. Check out our Help Center and forums for help, or head back to home.
 Help Center .. no access.
 forums  .. no access.  (which is for help,but .. how to get help if forum is no accesable ?

Stay cool down folks!there is nothing you can do except waiting ... so let's wait.

Update! 15.05
 NEWS! Dropbox  ware of the site issues and left message on twitter that  " We are aware of the site issues and are working to correct them. " 

Update! 15.50
GOOD NEWS! Dropbox back to live.

My  loose afterthoughts

It is a very bad thing when official profile remains quiet about issue. Half hour is enough to makes wide spread madness to occur in virtual world  .Lack of company-client communication when shit happens can be a lethal mistake which ,if will continue ,then people will go mad and then company will spend lots of time to deal with bad reputation.

Conclusions for me and my development
  • You must have a well known (by users) channels  to communicate with them like social media (Twitter, Facebook or etc.),if your website doesn't work.
  • Internet society is fragile and impatience ,so you need react quickly or after short time,you see users getting mad and post a panic notes on all social media sites , bloggers start posting a news and  it will sounds like doom day coming or something ..
  • Keep them updated as often as possible with valuable informations
  • Explain why shit happens after incident .Most people will have no clue and don't bother to read carefully,but users and bloggers will appricate that you care which help very much with reputation recovery.
  •  One more time.Have a independent communication channels and  don't neglect communication with users when shit happens!