12 April 2013

How to solve problem with debugging mode doesn't work in HTC with HTC driver installed?

Solution usually works for all HTC One series (It may works for all htc that use ( HTC sync manager) .It works for other brands too.

You open your project  and ....IDE do not detect your device ... you are unplug and plug and plug ... and nothing .

WTF ... Where's the food ?

What to do ?
This is a solution, which works for me and most people, which i help with .

I assumed that:

  1. You installed your favorite IDE  
  2. You install HTC Shit manager .. sorry .. HTC sync manager
  3. You have a working USB cable
  4. You disable old HTC sync (program and process)
  5. You have done above steps,correctly.

  1. Before you do anything restart computer
  2. In your device: Go to Settings/Developer options/turn OFF usb debbugging and turn OFF Developer options  (don't allow to debugging!)
  3. Plug your mobile into USB port ..It must be usb 2.0 (DO NOT PLUG TO USB 3.0!).
  4. Go to Device Manager
  5. Find Portable Device
  6. Select your device ... and ... uninstall driver.
  7. unplug HTC
  8. plug HTC
  9. (see all installing drivers stuff )
  10. and ...viola it should works!(do not forgot turn on developers options with usb debugging!)*
It solve 95% problems!
So far,it was one case which remains .. unknown why it doesn't work.

* if doesn't . It means ....
a)you didn't follow all step in order
b) you have done steps in wrong way.

Other Problems that may prevent htc to works in debugging mode:
* weird usb cable not always works. (all usb can charge device,but not all can be used as data exchange)
* some people don't know that cable is damaged
* usb 3.0 port and cable may not work with HTC during installation and detection process (but they may works after).
* you installed driver on usb 3.0

This is all,what i know at the moment.

I hope ,it helps!