4 March 2013

Doms learn Chinese: free game v2.0

New version of Doms learn Chinese!

I add a new game type ,A sapper mode,where you can guess character , until you make a mistake or you will guess too long.I added few words and lessons. , I fixes few bugs with dictionary and  with displaying a correct answer in hsk basic game.I made as well few improvements to make game works more smooth.

  1. + saper mode
  2. + 2 lessons
  3. + few words
  4. ^ improve dictionary
  5. ~ change practice game to adventure game
  6. # fix dictionary bugs
  7. # fix hsk basic bug (correct answer are not displayed)
Future plans:
I am planning a minor update in the middle of the month  (new words , lesson and bug fixes) and then next big release in Apridl

Download from:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dms.pastor.chinesegame